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UNITED NATIONS PROTECTION FORCE was located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia since March 1992. Their headquarters were in Zagreb, Croatia, and until recently nobody knew when they'd leave. During their tenure, they dutifully observed, recorded and wrote some awsome statements on the most egregious human rights abuses in Europe since 1945. However, following the Dayton peace agreement UNPROFOR soon passed their duty to NATO. This put an end to the long-standing Serb-French intelligence connection in Bosnia (although the same is still present in Kosovo). Yves Gaudeul, a French parlamentarian, for example, gave aerial pictures of tunnel under the airport that was the only save way in and out of Sarajevo during the times of war to a Serbian colonel, Milenko Indic - who was, allegedly, involved in capturing and torturing French soldiers. French "blue helmet", Patrick Barriot, actually became an "ambassador" for Republika Srpska in Paris, shortly before he was discharged from the army. David Rohde wrote a book about shameful behavior of French military regarding the fall of Srebrenica. Viewing all this in perspective it is now clear why general Jean-Rene Bachelet, one of the UNPROFOR commanders, so vehemently defended Serbian demand that Dayton should be changed in a way not to allow the unification of Sarajevo (Le Monde, December, 2, 1995).

NATO, our dummy big brother is watching you (they warn you explicitly at their site). Yet they rarely watch themselves. At their site you could download the old Yugoslav communist flags from before 1991 well into the war. Isn't that curious for an organization that spent 40 years fighting communism? Yet, they were trusted to take over Bosnia. Here is also a gopher full of NATO press releases. For complete, yet probably controlled information from NATO-occupied Bosnia check their Operation Joint Endeavor or Department of Defense's Bosnialink web pages or the Operation's gopher. (see the map).

The Balkans were called "Balkan" by Ottoman Turks by the mountain Balkan in Bulgaria. "Bal" means honey in Turkish. "Kan" means blood. Wasn't that a highly appropriate name? Click here for an index of issue related resources. The music that plays while you read this page (if you have a RealAudio Player) is the song "Balkans" written by one of the most intriguing former Yugoslav rock artists, Dzoni Stulic (who lives in Amsterdam now).

Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Proclaimed and adopted on 10 December 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations.
Human Rights archive
at Essex University.

AEGEE Human Rights Working Group

Croatia Human Rights Practices
Produced by the US Department of State, 31 January 1994.
phr.wc .yugo
Flood of Refugees Overwhelming MCC Partners in Former Yugoslavia
AKRON, Pa. -- Mennonite Central Committee's (MCC) partners in the former Yugoslavia are struggling to cope with the overwhelming needs of the refugees there, said the organization's European director in a recent interview. . "

MCC Commentary: Bosnia Serb "Deserters" -- War Heroes?
Mennonite Central Committee . News Service . July 14, 1995 . MCC COMMENTARY: BOSNIAN SERB "DESERTERS" -- WAR HEROES? . Editor's note: Refugees' names have been changed for their protection. .

Human Rights Watch Campaign for arresting war criminals in Bosnia.
Human Rights Watch conference on former Yugoslavia: war crimes, human rights abuses, etc.

Gesellshaft fuer bedrohte Volker
Society for threatened peoples, a non-governmental organization in consultative status with Economic-Social Status of the U.N. Senad Becirovic, a refugee from Sandjak of Bosnian nationality took his life on November 4 after being threatened by Berlin immigration authorities with an expulsion. Berlin Interior Minister, Joerg Schoenbohm, refused to issue any further residential permitsto many of Bosnian refugees, confiscated their passports and ordered them to leave the country. GfbV needs your help to fight that order before there are more Becirovics in Germany.
Martin Hogan's human rights page.
The War Crimes Tribunal Watch

Maximiliano Herrera's Human Rights Site
The Maximiliano Herrera's site is dedicated to the promotion of the democracy and the freedom worldwide. It is a NONPROFIT site.
Helsinki Citizens Assembly - USA
HCA is an international network of civic activists working for peace and democracy in Europe and North America. The USA branch is established in 1993. HCA-USA currently works with Radio Zid, the community radio station in Sarajevo, providing it with music and other program material it needs. NOT a Web site. Click here to see reports about the latest (October 1995) HCA meeting in Tuzla.
Right & Wrong
TV news show by Globalvision which produced a film about Sarajevo ("Sarajevo Ground Zero").
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia
Check the latest reports on the scare among Serbian human rights workers from the Seselj's Nazi storm-troopers, who promised to kill them if NATO dares to bomb targets in Serbia.
The Witness Project
by Lawyers Committee for Human Rights. Provides communication and video hardware to non-governmental human rights organizations in underdeveloped countries. Anti-War Campaign Zagreb got a video-camera and a fax machine from them.

Thursday, May 25th, 8.30 pm, An Eyewitness Account

Humanitarian Efforts and Support of U.S. Military

Responding to the Crisis of Malnutrition and Poverty in Bosnia

Excellent Non-profit Organization and source for Human Rights Information

International Red Cross Operations in the Balkans

Human Rights movement, Prisoners of Conscience, Issues, Debates

The United Nations Children's Fund

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Greek Helsinki Monitor

Greek Helsinki Monitor was founded in late 1992, following the encouragement of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF). A year later, in December 1993, the latter’s General Assembly accredited it as its Greek National Committee with an observer status; in November 1994, the General Assembly elevated Greek Helsinki Monitor to full membership. Current Greek Helsinki Monitor members are also members of Minority Rights Group - Greece, the Greek affiliate of Minority Rights Group International since January 1992.

Following local anti-war and human rights groups do not have web sites, but you can write to them using e- mail and they will send you information you need

Anti-War Campaign Zagreb
coordination of anti-war groups in Croatia.
Center for Anti- War Action Belgrade
coordination of anti-war groups in Serbia/Yugoslavia.
International Peace Center Sarajevo
coordination of anti-war groups in Bosnia and Hercegovina.
People for Peace Culture Ljubljana
the oldest peace movement in former Yugoslavia, based in Slovenia.
HCA - Croatia Helsinki Citizens Assembly

Hrvatski Helsinksi Odbor
Croatian Helsinki Committee, largest Croatian human rights organization. Look them up for sober reports on Croatian offensive in Krajina.
Human Rights in Serbia

Balkan Peace Team is a group of international volunteers sponsored by War Resisters International that works on non-violent conflict resolution projects in the Balkans. In Croatia, as Otvorene Oci ["Open Eyes"], they mainly try to stop unlawful evictions of ethnic Serbs from their apartments in Croatian cities. They are based in Zagreb and in Split. Click here to get the scope of some of their actions.
Zagreb's Anarcho-Pacifist Organization

New (2002) addition to cultural life of ex-Yugoslavs in New York city. Check for the latest "Balkan" party there.
The Amala Summer School for Gypsy Music
Te aves baxtalo! The Amala Summer School for Gypsy Music invites you to join one of our summer workshops in Romani (Gypsy) folk music. We offer 3-week summer workshops, taught by local Romani musicians in the central Yugoslav town of Valjevo. Our goal is to offer you a complete cultural experience: you will learn authentic Romani music by ear, in the traditional way, while surrounded by the Romani culture: food, language and family atmosphere. At the same time, because the course is organised and run by Roma, your participation will help keep the tradition of Romani music alive.
Unexpected Walk
is a 90 minutes art film featuring life in Sarajevo under the siege in 1994. It was produced by Jasna and Senad Basic, two Sarajevo actors.
Carnival in the Eye of the Storm
Film series, exhibition and a conference in Portland OR (April, 2000) about Bosnia and Kosov@.
White Rabbit Cult
The home of Collateral Damage.
Artists for Kosovar Refugees: A Benefit Auction
Organized by RACCOON Inc., Name.Space Inc. and Women in Black, New York . All proceeds go to the a group dedicated to non-violence of Belgrade and Motrat Qiriazi of Kosova. All donations (money or in kind) will be made out to RACCOON Inc., a 501 (c) (3) not-for- profit organization. The aim of the event is to raise support for the Kosovar refugees on both Serbia and Kosovo through an auction of works by established and emerging artists and photojournalists. For the auction, rather than hanging the art, we plan to use internet and digital projectors to show the art simultaneously in the Name.Space gallery in New York and in the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg, Germany where the Name.Space is currently exhibiting. The art pieces will also be accessible through the WWW for two weeks following the event. Bidding will be handled from the auctioneer's block in New York. We are still discussing the technical details about bidding in Germany and bidding over the internet. LOCATION & TIME: Auction is to be held on July 31, 1999 from 10 am to 12 pm EST at the Name.Space, 11 East 4th Street, 2nd floor, New York, U.S. and from 4 pm to 6 pm at Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Friedrich- Wilhelm-Strasse 40, Duisburg, Germany.
To life! Dances and Music of the Southern Slavic Nations. Croatian and other former Yugoslav folk music and folklore dances. In 1997, the dance company traveled to perform for persons displaced by the war in former Yugoslavia. Zivili performed in refugee camps in Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and in Bosnia.
Other Fictions - Other Views - Other Places
8th Biennial of Moving Images Centre for Comtemporary Images Geneva, Switzerland
I was a soldier on Kosovo
The artwork by Teo Spiller. The other piece: War Games
Pop Art from Sarajevo
by TRIO. The ultimate victory over war and destruction is to be able to laugh at them. Sarajevo Pipeline button below is a sample of TRIO's artwork. Click here for an alternative TRIO site: download its artwork!. Courtesy of a young rock lover from Sarajevo, Goran

and other artwork by Belgrade's graphic artist Miro Stefanovic.

U2 PopMart ZooNation Sarajevo. On 23 Sep 97, U2 performed in front of 45,000 fans in Kosevo Stadium, Sarajevo. The hills around Sarajevo that once echoed to the rumble of artillery reverberated on Tuesday to the joyful singing of tens of thousands of people at a concert staged by Irish rock group U2. It was the city's first major pop concert, and the first sign of normality, since the end of the Bosnian war in 1995.

Sarajevo Pipeline
Sarajevo Pipeline from the WarZone at MediaFilter. Warning! Large graphic files; turn off auto-load of images before going there, or use faster modem.

Rock Under The Siege
A no nonsense rock concert in Sarajevo in the middle of war. Available also in real audio.

Bogu plakat
Art Creation Service - By Bojan Bahic, Sarajevo's WARUM posters author. He and his wife now live and work in L.A.

No Land's Man
Vuk Cosic's art project's page

blood and honey
Enter Photoarts exhibition of Ron Haviv's work from Bosnia. Highly recommended and well written.

Exhibition of remakes of old Yugo cars put up by students from School of Visual Arts at Grand Central Station in New York city in 1995. Check the Pathfinder report on the event and the Yugo jokes.

Net Svet
Art fair on the net from Novi Sad, Vojvodina

Left Curve
Left of center literary magazine presenting Poems After Sarajevo (featuring a Bosnian Croat, a Bosnian Muslim and a Bosnian Serb poet from Sarajevo).

Gallery IRMA
Gallery of paintings inspired by ancient Arabic world. Paintings are made by Melada Huseinagic, a refugee from Tuzla who now lives in U.A.E.

Multimedia art gallery presenting various works of different authors, based in France.

The Tamburitza and the traditional Music of the South Slavic World

Top Lista Nadrealista
survived the war in Sarajevo and produced more fun for TV. Here are some stills. To obtain a video-tape of TLN in the U.S. click here and ask for info.
Trial By Cartoon
Milosevic sentenced by a cartoonist from Brazil.
Artists Against Racism
Place with cool posters. They sent those posters toSarajevo.

Cinema REX
European House of Arts and Culture, Belgrade.

SEPT - DEC. '95 EDITION . Global Mail is a cross cultural, cross-media listing of all kinds of art projects, collaborations, and mail art events. It comes out three times a year in January, May, and September.

A Roman Palace in ex-Yugoslavia
An experiment in online art history presentation, this exhibit was constructed by Michael Greenhalgh of the Department of Art History at Australian National University. . using the Web to . Return to Museums & Art History

Clowns Without Borders
Emerging from the antiwar youth movement in Europe, Clowns since 1993 mobilized dozens of comedy artists to take frequent trips to dangerous destinations in the world's war zones often at their own expense. Clowns performed and held teaching workshops for tens of thousands of displaced civilians throughout Bosnia, the Gaza Strip and war zones in northern Africa and Central America.

City of Women
An international festival of contemporary arts, focusing on women's creativity in the nineties as expressed in the performing arts, the fine arts, literature, film and video. With this project we want to shake the stereotypical role of women and improve the status of women in the field of the arts.

Hard core music and art stuff done by Amiga loving Belgrade cyber-punks.

The unofficial Alan Ford Web Site Forum - Alan was one of the most popular comic books with my generation in former Yugoslavia (Yugoslavs generally shared Italian comic book culture and Marvel heroes were unheard off).

The official Zagor Te Nej site, done by a Bosnian Zagor.

Sarajevo TangoSarajevo Tango - a comic book done by Hermann. Published by Dupuis. A story about a city left to rot. Recommended reading, particularly for those fond of UNPROFOR.

SpeculumSpeculum: a feature length film essay by GMP Films - weaving the personal stories of those who have seen and been scarred by the war in the former Yugoslavia.



majkeMajke a rock band from Vinkovci(Croatia). Sound files (.wav and .ra). Check here for more punk rock from Croatia.



Mira Furlan's Page An expatriate Croatian/Yugoslav actress currently playing the role of ambassador Delen in Babylon 5 TV series. Read more about Mira Furlan: resume & stuff and biography. Join her fans here.

EkaterinaEkaterina Velika: The web page. Also, available soon: Real Audio excerpts from 14 songs of this remarkable Belgrade rock band recorded live in 1988 in concerts in Zagreb and Novi Sad. Published in December 1996 by Global Music.

A Slovenian band that took Catholic church on...

Other non-local resources:

Reconciliation and Culture COOperative Network, projects for the Balkans cultural reconciliation.

Diacritic signs
The HTML codes for diacritic signs used in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language

The Crucible of War
This is a documentary project (both video and web) about personal stories from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. We also have study guides, histroical timeline, and links.

War At The Crossroads
Why won't the media explain what's behind the upheaval and "ethnic cleansing" in the former Yugoslavia as they justify the deployment of US troops and aerial bombing? Go beyond the media sound bite analysis of "ancient ethnic hatreds" to the real political context for the post-Yugoslav wars. WAR AT THE CROSSROADS is a consice historical primer on the history and roots of the Balkan wars from ancient times to the present, exploring imperialist agendas in the region from the Roman Empire to NATO.

NewBreak the logic of war! Desert! Open the borders! The disastrous plight of the civilian population in Kosovo is continuing unabatedly. Whether they like it or not, the NATO countries have begun to play an active role in the crisis-ridden region of the Balkans. They must take responsibility by not only offering humanitarian aid and shelter to the civilian population, but also by opening up their own borders. Any attempts at fleeing the war must be actively supported, in whichever way possible. (Press Coverage)

Working for Peace in the Balkans
A Guide to U.S. Organizations. Directory of U.S. organizations doing work in or with the former Yugoslavia.

Zamir Transnational Net
Historic overview on how the peace groups in successor states of Yugoslavia were connected via Internet after the country's breakdown and subsequent communications cut-off.

Jobs in the Balkans
Justice Watch brings a list of jobs offered in the Balkans.

War Resisters International
Ongoing coverage of Kosov@ and Serbia/Montenegro Read six reports from the "Safe House" project on the situation of conscientious objectors and deserters from Serbia/Montenegro, compiled by antiwar activists based in Budapest.

Whilst NATO still refuse to admit that Depleted Uranium ammunition is deadly, they have now issued the peacekeeping troops in Kosovo protective clothing and face masks. Unfortunately, nothing has been done to warn and protect the returning refugees. It is estimated that over 10,000 people will die of radiation related diseases and most of these innocent casualties will be in Kosovo.

Council of Europe
Second Summit, Strassbourg, October 10-11.

ICVA (International Council of Voluntary Agencies) in Sarajevo
publishes a directory of all the NGOs working in BiH. An edition has just been published; but to help keep the information current and to prepare for the next edition we've been asked to distribute the following questionnaire on the nets.

YU Caffe
is website dedicated to Josip Broz Tito and idea of antifascism and antinationalism for which he stood for . Idea about Yugoslavia - country which Tito and "the People's Deliverance Movement" (PDM) founded on 29. 11. 1943. will never die. That idea will be aim for many in the times which will come. Check also:SFRJ homepage and - Das ist Walter!

European Forum

The main objective of the Forum is to establish contacts between left oriented parties, organisations and individuals in Western and Central - Eastern Europe. It also aims at stimulating debate and dialogue on important topics between the countries concerned. EUROPEAN FORUM for Democracy and

Open Society Institute
Founded by George Soros, it promotes the idea of open society and helps independent media, non-governmental groups a d social research in the post-communist world. OSI has offices in all countries that emerged from former Yugoslavia.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, 1996 Yearbook, Chapter on the War in Former Yugoslavia, Summary.

A brief history of the country formerly known as Yugoslavia
The Times Ltd. web site

a semestrial journal of Balkan studies which contains texts in french and in english. Balkanologie deals with Southeastern European topics from Human and Social Sciences.

The Balkan Institute
The Balkan Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public, the media, and policy-makers about the conflict in the Balkans and related security and defense issues. It provides up-to-date news and analysis concerning the Balkans, the peace settlement in Bosnia, NATO expansion, and related events.

IMF Publications
Search for country-specific International Monetary Fund publications.

Soldiers of Fortune Ltd.
A Profile of Today's Private Sector Corporate Mercenary Firms, By David Isenberg, Center for Defense Information Monograph, November 1997

Save The People Of Kosovo
action by Croatian Relief Services, Inc.

Transnational Foundation
It's quite comprehensive site that covers selected quality sites relevant for international conflict-management, peace research, field conflict-resolution, nonviolence, ex-Yugoslavia, Albania, Caucasian Georgia and now also Iraq. Also, it features news sources from Europe, the US, the Arab world, China and Japan - mainstream and alternative - for you, at one place. At any time.

Digital Social History Archive. A project of the International Institute of Social History in cooperation with the Antenna Foundation.

The U.S. Department of Commerce's web site for Bosnian/Balkan Reconstruction
Maintained by the Central and Eastern Europe Business Information Center (CEEBIC), in the International Economic Policy Group. The web site provides its readers with information on Bosnian financial assistance programs, background economic information, descriptions of over 1000 reconstruction projects, and a list of U.S., multilateral organization and Bosnian government contacts. If you have any questions, please call at (202) 482-2645.

CEEBIC is the U.S. government's clearinghouse for information on Bosnia's economic reconstruction.

Global Link - the largest U.S. callback service. Sign up and be able to call your friends and relatives abroad for as low as around 60 cents a minute - way lower than the Croatian, Bosnian or Serbian state controlled telephone companies would charge you. This site is in Bosnian/Croatian, and all entries would be translated for you.

Conflict Resolution Catalysts
Conflict Resolution Catalysts (CRC) is a private non-profit international organization and network whose mission is
  1. to facilitate the role of citizens as local and international peacemakers and
  2. to promote the education and use of non-violent conflict resolution skills and processes.

CRC launched the People Connection Project in Bosnia and currently needs community peacebuilders. The Project links international volunteers with local citizen groups on both sides of the conflict in Bosnia. Currently, CRC is working in Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Friends Caring & Sharing Group would like to wish all Peacekeepers a Season Greetings (released: December 15, 1996)

Library of Congress Country Studies
Area Handbook sponsored by Department of Army. A useful reference on information about world's crisis area as perceived by the US - before the war. Yes - this site is not updated since December 1990, and Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and everybody else are still in Yugoslavia. Fun reading material - a must for any cynic: let's see what did they wrote under "Political Agenda for Yugoslavia in 1990s" (you are right: they did not say that Yugoslav Army will leave 120mm hovitzers to Serb thugs in Bosnia to shell Sarajevo...)
Bosnia - Former Yugoslavia and U.S. Policy
analysis by Steven J. Woehrel and Julie Kim, Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division
Peace keeping costs
General Accounting Office report on the U.S. peace operations costs in Haiti, Bosnia, Rwanda and Somalia.
CIA World Factbook
Similar to Library of Congress Country Studies - but recently updated. Comparation of the two sites may be useful for Balkans scholars - inevitably the facts found in the later would refute some of the proposed agendas in the former... ...for example there is no mention of Yugoslavia in the Factbook (the U.S. do not recognize the name: the country is called Serbia - Montenegro).

Partito Radicale
Transnational Radical Party - the first "other" political party in former (communist) Yugoslavia. Originated in Italy, TRP view itself as a European political party and concerns itself with global issues like environment, human rights and anti-militarism. The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
expresses a vision, an experiment in applied peace research and global networking. We believe that alternatives to the main world trends are desirable and possible -- indeed, necessary for humankind to survive and live with dignity in a less violent future. We see conflict-resolution as science, art and politics in one. Thus, you'll find science, art and politics on these pages.

News from Eurasia
New service for information gathering from Russia to Serbia.

Cafe Balkan
Virtual gathering place for all people of good will that are interested in Balkans. Cafe Balkan also has a library.

Project Bosnia
A delegation from the Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy at the Villanova University School of Law, near Philadelphia, concluded a week of meetings in Bosnia-Herzegovina on Friday, aimed at builidng Internet links for legal and civic institutions.

War in The Balkans
Snider Telecom and Cutting Edge Entertainment. One of the rare sites that links to the Bosnian, Croat and Serbian resources from the same page. Last updated around Croatian offensive in Krajina.

Reading List

PAL/NTSC and NTSC/PAL conversions for ex-former-Yugos in the U.S. (page in Bosnian)

Directory of Royal Genealogical Data
At this site I have a database containing the genealogy of the British Royal family and those linked to it via blood or marriage relationships. It contains, in fact, the genealogy of almost every ruling house in the western world. (i.e. here you can find info on Serbian royal family)

NHBS BookNet: Area/Balkans
Balkans . Balkans (General) (3) . Croatia (1) . Slovenia (3) . Albania (2) . Bosnia & Central Balkans (0) . Serbia (0) . Kosovo (0) . Eastern Balkans & Macedonia (0) . Montenegro (0) .

Convoy Bosnia...
Balkan Booklist . BALKAN BOOKLIST . RECOMMENDED READING . To facilitate the exchange of information, this recommended reading list is offered as a public education resource. If you wish to know more about the Balkans, today and through the history. Compiled by Nalini Lasiewicz of Lasiewicz. Here is an essay from Alan Fogelquist's book, The Break-up of Yugoslavia, published in 1993. For more information on this book, call the Lasiewicz Foundation at 213/668-1811, Los Angeles, CA.

Convo y Bosnia - BRIEFINGS
BOSNIA BRIEFINGS: News, Updates, Resources. . A NON-PROFIT MEDIA SERVICE FOR DEMOCRACY & PEACE IN THE BALKANS . News, reports and analysis gathered by the Lasiewicz Foundation from a variety of sources.

Reed Interactive's Hot Topics
Conflict in the Balkans . Background . Map of the Balkans 1991 . Rivalry between ethnic groups in the Balkans is nothing new, but for the last fifty years most groups, including Muslims, Serbs, Croats and Slovenes have coexisted quite peacefully.

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War and Peace in the Balkans
A resource guide of information currently available on the Balkans. WELL

Mother Jones Waging Peace Chat Room
A place where students can voice their concerns about peace in the world.

Civil War in Yugoslavia 1
by Christopher Morris . The civil war in the former Yugoslavia continues. . [News Photography|About Black Star|Black Star Home Page|Next] . Copyright 1994 Christopher Morris, Black Star Publishing Co., Inc.

Civil War in Yugoslavia 2
by Christopher Morris . The civil war in the former Yugoslavia continues. . [Previous|News Photography|About Black Star|Black Star Home Page|Next] . Copyright 1994 Christopher Morris, Black Star Publishing Co., Inc.

BOSNIA: Special Report from One World Online
News, Features, Photographs, Interactivism. A BBC project.

Contact Network
Search here for lists of non-governmental and non-profit organisations around the world which took up Bosnia or former Yugoslavia as an issue.

Directory of Photo Galleries, Eyewitness Accounts and more

A popular hangout of relatively recent cybergeeky emigrants from former Yugoslavia. After their country was washed away in blood from the world's geography, they decided to create and maintain a Cyberslavia in the cyberspace (MUD - multi-user dungeon). The Cyberslavia, like any other state, has its own rules, prohibitions and rulers. For example: there is no politics conducted (nor even discussed) in Cyberslavia. Cyberslavia claims no territorial possessions and it takes just a few kW of electricity to survive. You can telnet to there from here.

Before and After its Devastation, a site by Dubravko Kakarigi

Become the citizen of the first sovereign state with no claimed territory
This is the immigration office of NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst) State.

Become the citizen of the second sovereign state with no claimed territory
Cyber-Yugoslavia plans to apply for a seat in the U.N. once it builds up the base of 5 million citizens. The incentive for citizenship: EVERYBODY gets to be the secretary of something. Just hurry up: it gets harder and harder to come up with the department names.

Farewell to Bosnia, a gallery by Gilles Peress

Zlata Filipovic's corner of cyberspace
at Discovery On-line and at John Ost's (the book author) page. Zlata is a young girl who wrote a diary of war events in Sarajevo, pretty much like famous Anne Frank. This site will search for you for a child from Bosnia, wherever she/he is a refugee.

djecaGet a kid pen-pal in Sarajevo. This is a by-kids-for-kids service provided through Zamir Transnational Net by Sarajevo's elementary school teacher Zlata Zahirovic.

Northstar Life Services
Kolo Newsletter. Psychological counseling and on-line psychotherapy for domestic abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. Therapy may include a weekend with Serbian Kolo dance! Hosted by Danica Anderson.

Commission of experts on former Yugoslavia

American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES)
is published under the auspices of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. ABSEES includes citations for books, book chapters, book reviews, journal articles, dissertations, etc., that are published in North America. login: absees Alternative access: login: absees, password: slavibib

International Hearts Club
Kind of an international marriage service. I bet some Bosnians would get interested.

Easturopean Quarter
- a student organization at University in Uppsala (Sweden), providing mostly hip new links in Serbia.

Unitarian Universalists Page
As the name pretty clear conveys, UUs are religiously committed to one world. Former Yugoslavia with its cruel, cynical, violent divisions provides therefore a good study for UUs in what went wrong with human species (after all we are all the same species, aren't we?).

A Balkans page in Brasil
Brasil for Bosnia (page is in English).

Conference on Gas, Oil and Electricity . Interconnections ...
in the Balkans . Thessaloniki, Greece, 16-17 October 1995 . The European Commission, Directorate General for Energy is organising, within the framework of its international energy co-operation programme "SYNERGY", a high-level conference.

of the region. Catch up with the latest changes.

of the region. They change quite often, too.

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RohdeDavid Rohde at Christian Science Monitor
David Rohde spent ten days in Bosnian Serb Army custody after he was captured taking pictures of mass grave sites near Srebrenica. He wrote a book Endgame later about that.

Committee Against U.S. Intervention in the Balkans
Voice of those who oppose sending American troops to Bosnia.

Free Market Net
Policy Spotlight - War in the Balkans; the case against intervention.

International Action Center
Protest against NATO strikes against Yugoslavia. They organize march on Pentagon on June 5, 1999.

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