HRNETFormerly the most comprehensive list of web resources produced in or about Croatia. Click here for the updated mirror of their original resource list (which I just updated in November, 1999). There is a very interesting site done by the same crowd earlier. The usual story is that Croat emmigrees are protective and apologetic of Croat fascist movement (Ustashe), which held power in Croatia during the Second World War. Well, these guys are not. Click here to see. More interesting - Belgrade's magazine NIN declared the site "Ustaska propaganda", anyway, but it made enough spelling mistakes so no Serbs can check it out for themselves.

Croatian Studies /a>
This website is dedicated to the study of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and of the Croatian diaspora dispersed in many countries of the Western world. We hope that this website, offering different aspects of Croatian experiences, will not only deepen the understanding of the Croatian present and past but be a useful resource to all who are interested in studying Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the Croatian people.
Internet Monitor
Croatian web chat area. IRC like CGI script makes it possible. Very simple to use: pick up a nickname and log on. Chat both in Croatian and English. Refresh is automatic, and you can scroll up and down. Check it out.
"For Peace": a heir to Zamir Transnational Net, an excellent source for networking with Croatia's non-governmental organizations and the best priced internet access provider in town (of Zagreb) - check it out.
On Christmas eve 1999 there was 9 days until the elections for the parliament in Croatia and 20 days until the new president would get elected. There are more than a dozen candidates. Some of them hold web conferences to attract Croatia's voters dispersed around the planet (like Stipe Mesic). In Croatia there is a Rock The Vote type of organization active - GLAS 99: Croatia's roclk celebrities put together a rock the vote type of song: Novo Vrijeme, which invokes the most pleasant memories of the first album of Prljavo Kazaliste in its raw social irreverence - now I heard their video is banned, and I just kind of hear the blast of HDZ shooting themselves in the foot. You can download the song in mp3 format right here, if by any chance HDZ bans their site tommorrow.
April 97 Elections results
- sorry, Croatian only. There is an English version for election results for city of Zagreb, prepared by the Social-Democratic Party's Zagreb branch.
The Midwest Croatian Connection
Croatian White Pages of the United States (under construction; summer 99)
Zagreb Anarcho-Pacifist and Punk Rock links page
ZAPO publishes zine Zaginflach - an alternative to alternative, check it out. Also, you can find Greenday page done in Croatia. Rock generation's must see page. On the recent outbreak of skinhead vs. punks street violence, Lifeline, a hard-core fanzine from Medjimurje made a poll in Croatian: would you fight or flee?
American Embassy in Croatia
Information for American citizens planning to visti Croatia. Information for Anerican business planning to invest in Croatia. Information for Croatian citizens planning to visit the U.S.
Croatia Power On-line

Croatian team cheerleaders page.
place to get Netscape or Internet Explorer; excellent live-cam.
Journal of DemocracyScenarios for development of democracy in Croatia by Vesna Pusic
UNICEF in Croatia
Croatian Information Documentation Referral Agency
Live Video
from the computer lab at University of Zagreb updated every 15 seconds.
Mrezno Ispitivalo Javnog Mnijenja u Hrvata - Internet Public Opinion Survey Station among Croats.
Croatia's Internet business pages. Portion of the page dedicated to support Radio 101.

Sublink Caffe
Sublink Caffe Croatia

Croatie Solidarite
Help us rebuild Croatia and Croat Bosnia. Very comprehensive list of links to Croat media and Croat emigre sites.

HDZ Youth in Germany
This site hosts the petition to release Zvonko Busic from the U.S. prison where he is incarcerated for past 21 years for his hijacking of a U.S. plane in 1976.

Miss Croatia 1998 scandal
Lejla Sehovic was briefly stripped of her miss pageant title, that she won in an anonymous jury vote, because organizers feared public discontent over her Muslim faith. She got her title back. Check Lejla here.
Inicijativa za Srpski Narodni Kongres
Initiative for Serbian Popular Congress, a socio-political organization of Serbs in Croatia that publishes the magazine Alkion. Check it out for the links to Nikola Tesla biography, too.

Croatia's Business Database

Short Review of Economy of Croatia

Croatia - Short Review of Economy . How to invest in Croatia ? . ZVNE Home Page

Department of Power Systems
(ZVNE) . Last updated June 29, 1995, 12.45 CET . Local time . ZVNE WWW Server Statistics . SNAIL MAIL . Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing . Department of Power Systems . Unska 3, 41000 Zagreb - CROATIA .

Tudjman's web page
Office of the President of Croatia

Mladez HDZ
Tudjman's Youth Web Page

The Government of the Republic of Croatia
Republika Hrvatska - Republic of Croatia . Dobrodosli - Welcome . All questions and comments concerning this server . can be sent to the administrator from this page. . NEW - 23.9.1995. Ministry of Finance - NEW .

HPTHPT Croatian Posts and Telephone
In Croatia both the postal service and telephone lines (local and long distance) are controlled by state-run HPT. Therefore, it is not a surprise that HPT became also the first commercial Internet provider in Croatia with full Internet access (well, they own all the wires...)

Hrvatski GrbSabor
Croatian Parliament. Review the results of the last parliamentary elections in Croatia, list of candidates, 14 different political parties, maps of electoral districts - in English or Croatian. Good news: Tudjman is not exactly winning everywhere any more.

Cro atian home page. This home page was created to provide information about Croatia and Macedonia thru the user-friendly interface of the WWW. I hope you will like it. If you have any suggestions, contributions or comments please let me know.

Vladimir's server
A site with a lot of interesting stuff, including the radio-on-demand brodcasts of Croatian Radio and a repository of Croatian newsgroups postings.

Index of Croatian songs
Compiled by Vladimir Vuksan. Name Last modified Size Description . Parent Directory 04-Sep-95 23:01 - 18-Jun-95 12:59 1M - MUST_README.html 24-Sep-95 14:25 1K Ne_dirajte_mi_ravnicu> 02-Jul-95 18:39 1M - -

Hrvatska Sranka Prava 1861
There are two Croatian Party of Rights in Croatia. They both think they are the right one. This one, lead by Dobroslav Paraga, is called Croatian Party of Rights 1861 (referring to the year of establishment of the old Croatian Party of Rights lead by Ante Starcevic).

Indoors Tennis Cup
From January 29 - February 4 there is International Indoors Tennis Cup going on in Croatia. Check it out (mirror site).
Department of Electronics, ETF; Department of Mathematics, PMF; SRCE (University Computing Center); Rudjer Boskovich Institute; Rudjer Boskovich Institute; FESB - Split
Ftp sites in various science institutes in Croatia. Useful for downloading technical files, programs. Somewhat slow since CARNET connects Croatia to Internet through a 68 kbps connection.

Information services in Croatia
Registration of new information services in Croatia. . Last update: Thu Jun 8 15:41:18 MET DST 1995

News from Croatia
We have created this site because of a huge interest that exists for any sort of information coming from this part of the world. We 'll be promptly updating these pages and therefore you should use the "RELOAD" button every so often.

THE LIST -- Croatia
CARNet Area/Country codes: +385 Local area codes: Full country Automated email: Human email: Phone: +385 1 461-431 Fax: +385 1 461-469 URL: Services: Shell, SLIP, CSLIP, PPP Fees: free of charge.

IRB, Theoretical Physics Division
Republic of Croatia . RUDJER BOSKOVIC INSTITUTE . Department of Physics - Theoretical Physics Division . Bijenicka c. 54, HR-41000 Zagreb, CROATIA . Secretary: +385-(0)41-461-035 . Fax: +385-(0)41-428-541 . Email:

IRB - Theoretical Physics Section
CROATIA . Information about Croatia . Compiled and maintained by the Theoretical Physics Division of the Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia . Map of Croatia . Ethnic Map of Croatia . Croatian Flag . Gopher entry: War Against Croatia.

4-MATE Information Engineering Inc.

IRB - Theoretical Physics Section
CROATIA . Information about Croatia . Compiled and maintained by the Theoretical Physics Section of the Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia . Map of Croatia . Croatian Flag . Gopher entry: War Against Croatia . (alternative site)

Rudjer Boskovic Institute Library
, ZAGREB, CROATIA . IRB LIBRARY RESOURCES - book collection, periodicals collection, etc. . Natural sciences information system RH . Online journals and databases - (for accounts please, contact library) . Other WWW, Gopher, FTP sites

Republic of Croatia
Rated among the top 5% of all sites on the Internet by Point Survey . Croatia / Hrvatska . Point to the site of interest and click the left mouse button to connect to the chosen site.

Republic of Croatia
Items on the map: . Zagreb . Rijeka . Split . Osijek . Pula . Zadar . Dubrovnik . Slavonski Brod . Vukovar . You can also try Europe , rest of the world , Euro-map (pt ), or Euro-flags list.

Useful information, if you ever come to Croatia
Useful information. Border formalities . For entrance in Croatia passport or some other identification document is necessary so that a pass permission can be issued (valid three months). . Customs formalities .

is the capital of the Republic of Croatia. It has nearly 1,000,000 inhabitants and it is the largest city in Croatia. It lies at the feet of Mount Medvednica (or Zagrebacka gora - 1035 m), the last spur of the Alps, and along the banks of the River Sava.

F E S B - S p l i t
Fakultet elektrotehnike, strojarstva i brodogradnje . Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture . S p l i t - C r o a t i a . R. Boskovica bb, 21000 Split, Croatia . tel. +385 21 563777, fax. ...

WAR in Croatia
, by Mladen Klemencic . Reintegration of West Slavonia . Vukovar, 100 days after . War destructions in Osijek . UNPROFOR in Croatia - a chronology of events (1992-95) . How to help? . Further information on gopher :"War in Croatia" .An alternate site.

Basic facts about Croatia
Facts about Croatia [ ] . Population: . 4.8 million (78% are Croats) - see the ethnic map . Area: . 56.538 km sq . Area of the integral sea zone: . 31900 km sq . Length of coast line (mainland): . 1778 km . Length of coast line.

Generalities and basic facts about Croatia
Generalities and basic facts about . Croatia has 56,538 square kilometers (plus its sea area - 31,900, 4,840,000 inhabitants (just as a quarter of New York), and almost as many abroad, counting through last three generations.

Croatia - Historical and Cultural Overview
Republika HRVATSKA - HR . CROATIA, . an Overview of its History, Culture and Science . Dedicated to the memory of Gordan Lederer (1958-1991) .

Croatia and wine
(Hrvatski) . Wine on Croatian soil . Culture of winemaking is familiar on Croatian soil since roman times. Since medieval times, winemaking was important, and in some parts of the country, only source of income for the people of Croatia.

Republic of Croatia
Items on the map: . Zagreb . Rijeka . Split . Osijek . Pula . Zadar . Dubrovnik . Slavonski Brod . Vukovar . You can also try Europe , rest of the world , Euro-map (pt ), or Euro-flags list.

Welcome to Croatia!
Croatia is a land of unique and rare natural beauties, a country with a millennium long tradition, with great historical and cultural heritage. To provide you with some hints, there are numerous art museums and galleries, art collections.

Forum . If you want to place your personal ad here just fill in the form. The latest message is appearing first. If your browser does not support forms then send your ads directly to

World-Wide Web servers in Croatia
Overview of www servers in Croatia . Conferences and fairs: . 4-th Croatian-Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting , Trakoscan, CROATIA, September 28-30, 1995 .CFP: ConTEL95 3rd International Conference on Telecommunications, Zagreb, . June 7

World-Wide Web servers in Croatia
www servers . Conferences and fairs

'95 . Istria and Slavonia July 10 - August 10 . Projekt obnove Domovine TASK FORCE 1995 Hrvatskog medjunarodnog zbora mladezi i Hrvatske matice iseljenika ove ce se godine sastojati u posumljavanju opozarenih povrsina i podizanju suma u okolici.
Hrvatski Obzor
Little known stories of Vukovar's heroic defense and conspicuous fall. In the new independent on-line magazine from Croatia.

Hrvatski Oslobodilacki Pokret (Croatian Liberation Movement), old-school Croatian nationalist party, favoring Ustashas and NDH, the Nazi sponsored Croatian independent state during the WW II; in Croatian; (English summary)

WWW Server at ZEMS-FER-Zagreb-Croatia
ZEMS at FER, Zagreb, Croatia . Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing . at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia. . News (NNTPSERVER .

May 22.-26. 1995. . Opatija, CROATIA . Congress Center Grand Hotel Adriatic . The Croatian Society MIPRO invites you to participate in one or more activities at the MIPRO `95: Symposia/Conference with invited and contributed papers.

May 22.-26. 1995. . Opatija, CROATIA . Congress Center Grand Hotel Adriatic . The Croatian Society MIPRO invites you to participate in one or more activities at the MIPRO `95: Symposia/Conference with invited and contributed papers.

Last update: June 26, 1995 . The legal base for foreign investments has been established by the Constitution of Croatia. It guarantees ownership rights and introduces market economy.

Last update: June 26, 1995 . The monetary independence of Croatia has been established and Croatia's own central monetary institution - the National Bank of Croatia - has been organized, modeled after those in the most developed countries.

The Zagreb Stock Exchange WWW Server
The Zagreb Stock Exchange. Get information on stocks traded in Croatia. About The Zagreb Stock Exchange. History. Listed Securities. Indexes. Also, information on sales by Croatian Privatization Fund. Large state-owned Croatian companies are on sale now and foreign capital is in most cases welcome. Members of the ZSE . Reports

Members of the ZSE
Last update: September 10, 1995 . See also: List of members of the TEST-1 . 01. AGORA d.o.o. . address: Vukovarska 27, 58000 SPLIT, CROATIA . tel: (385 21) 361 -399 . fax: (385 21) 361-168 . persons to contact: Mr. Stjepko Vojkovic

Croatian Chamber of Economy - Services
CCE Services . "Croatia's Business Organization" . presented in cooperation by . IBNet -"The Electronic Silk Road" (r) and the . International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce . Statistics and Computer Application Department .

CROATIAN CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC ASSOCIATION . SLOVENIAN CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC SOCIETY . Organizing Committee: . Co-chairmen: . Prof. Dr. Boris KAMENAR . Prof. Dr. Ljubo GOLIC . Members: . Ms. Zrinka BANIC . Prof. Dr. VENCESLAV KAUCIC . Dr.

Mario's Cyberspace Station - A Taste Of War
ONLINE NEWS WORLDWIDE. Content: Daily updated clickable list of all known newspapers, magazines, radio and TV (including Teletext) stations which have online news. Also included are extensive news and archives regarding Croatia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina (the war). English language. Netscape 1.1 enhanced. Done by Mario Profaca, Freelance Journalist, Zagreb, Croatia . Mirror page in the U.S. for faster access.

Croatia: Myth & Reality
There are two links to Croatia: Myth and Reality for easier viewing, one site is located in United States while other one is located in Croatia. If you are not located in Croatia I would advise you to use United States' site.

Bad Blue Boys
homepage of Dinamo's (Zagreb's biggest soccer team) fans.

Balkan News from Croatia
Several news sources from the Balkans are summarised in the US Embassy Daily Bulletin. (gopher>

Information Services in Croatia
(This page is still under construction) . (Visit the home page of Croatia for a map of Croatia, or see Virtual Tourist for a world map. Also, more information about information services in Croatia could be found on Carnet WWW server.) .

Postage Stamps of the Republic of Croatia
The Republic of Croatia declared its independance from former SFR Yugoslavia on June 25th, 1991. It became the member of U.N. on May 5th and the member of UPU on July 20th, 1992.

Columbia University
Croatia Page at Institute for Eastern European Countries, maintained by Gabriel Topor.

Vrana Tattoos: Croatia's first tattoo shop on the web

GraphDraw support Web page
About GraphDraw . GraphDraw 3.0 is a function plotting program, distributed as shareware. Besides of drawing extraordinary high-quality color graphs, it can also find a first derivative of any real function. Integrating, finding zeros.

Vladimir Braus
Department of Mathematics , University of Zagreb . Bijenicka 30, 41000 Zagreb, CROATIA . tel: (+385 41) 432 459 /105 . fax: (+385 41) 432 484 . e-mail: . "Kineski horoskop" za danasnji dan.

Croat ia
The Adriatic Sea - facts . Risnjak - the National Park. Mountains in Croatia . Images of Croatia . Zagreb Phonebook - login as INFO_INET.
From the same webweaver: Clueless Croatian
Otis Gospodnetic's home page.

complete story about Croatian offensive against Serb held Krajina in August 1995. Site is produced and maintained by Croatian Television (so, do expect some bias and be prepared to wait since files are large and server is slow, but it is worthy place to visit).

Dept.of Mathematics, Univ.of Zagreb, Croatia
Welcome to! . This is one very experimental WWW server at Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Croatia. . We are located at: Bijenicka 30, 41000 Zagreb, Croatia .

Trento Bike Pages - Croatia
to the Trento Bike Pages . Trail Descriptions . The very long ascent to Mount Zavizan by Rajko Malojcic .

Croatia (Austria)
Whi te Pages Service . This service is provided by the Institute of Information Systems at the University of Technology, Vienna. . Move upwards to . The (X.500) World . Read entry of . Croatia .

Croatia (Belgium)
Onelevel search in Croatia: . FER Zagreb (organization) . SRCE (organization) . Motmot (person)

Croatia (Italy)
Onelevel search in Croatia: . FER Zagreb (organization) . SRCE (organization) . Motmot (person)

Geography . Location: Balkan State, Southeastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina . Map references: Africa, Ethnic Groups in Eastern Europe.

News from Croatia
Latest events in Croatia that took place after Croatian forces reintegrated Western Slavonia into the legal system of Republic of Croatia.

Croatia to West Marin
Last in a series of special features on immigration . Island of Iz -- Fishermen in the Village of Mali Iz fold their nets. The island which used to contain 2,500 people, is now home to only a few hundred because of emigration.

ROMARCH--Pannonia, Dalmatia, Moesia & Dacia
7. PANNONIA, DALMATIA, . MOESIA & DACIA [The Balkans] . '#' indicates a strong resource for scholars, teachers, and students. . #Diocletian's Palace at Split, UNC Exposition . The Roman town of Aquincum, Hungary.

- IDD: 38 . ZAGREB . Area Code: 41 . Hotel Esplanade . Mihanoviceva 1 [LHW] . Tel:466666 Fx:275081 Tx:21395 . LHW CORPORATE RATES . DEM280 360 sgl/dbl 31-Dec-95 . INCL.BUFFET BREAKFAST . Inter-Continental Zagreb . Krsnjavoga 1 [IHC] .

News from Croatia
since 28th August 1995. . In order to make it convenient for you to browse this page we have created a mirror site in USA and one in Germany. Therefore, please choose the link according to the part of the world you are browsing this page.

Croatia Hotelnet
Sorry -- This Page Is Not Ready Yet . Front Page

Anica Martinovic from Zagreb, 19 years old and a first chaperon to the Miss World 1995.

Croat Home Page
Welcome to the Croatian Immigrants' Information Depository . ** This home page is in the process of major remodeling. The new version will be radicaly different ** .
Microsoft Croatia
Microsoft software contact information for Croatia.

IBM Software contact information - Croatia
Croatia . Ordering and contact information for IBM Software in Croatia . For more information on IBM Software products in Croatia contact: . Miljenko Jakopovic . Product Manager for OS/2, LAN Server, and Communication Manager .

Ango's homepage
Info's about me: . I was born in Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia). But I'm originally from Croatia. I'm since 1971 in Germany and I study computer science at the University of Karlsruhe.

One World Resource: Croatia
Croatia . University Zagreb . To Go Back . To Go To Navigator's Home Page. . Your Contributions and Comments are Welcome . Copyright (c) 1995 Argyle .

Summer in Croatia (without pictures)
SUMMER IN CROATIA (28.5.-5.9.1994) . Last Summer I was on an AIESEC traineeship in Zagreb, Croatia, and worked at the Foreign Exchange Department of Zagrebacka Banka. After my return I wrote the following essay for AIESEC.

Summer in Croatia (with pictures)
SUMMER IN CROATIA (28.5.-5.9.1994) . Last Summer I was on an AIESEC exchange traineeship in Zagreb, Croatia, and worked at the Foreign Exchange Department of Zagrebacka Banka.

M.P. Home Page
Greetings all ! . Last updated on 29 May 1995 . Note: This page looks best when viewed with The Netscape 1.1 Browser . Welcome to my Home Page. This index contains links to other WWW servers, informations about Croatia, my picture ...

Faculty of Philosophy Home Page
Home Page of the Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia . This is the first draft experimental home page of the Faculty of Philosophy. So please, be benevolent regarding our efforts. . Word of warning. These pages sometimes contain large inline images.

DanY's page in upgrading
Danny wishes You WELCOME ! . SLIKICE . IRC on #Croatia . Some WORLD Mosaics . FUN & GAMES (!?) . Songs . POJAM VREMENA !? . You can Mail me on this address:

CSEXCBIRTHDADDRESSC2TELCFAXCEMAILC!COUNTRYCUNIVERSITYCEBC Alexander Aicher m19710922Nussdorferstr. 78/11, A-1090, Vienna +43 222 317 3898 Univ. of Vienna Andreas Gampert m19750608Schnbrunnerstr. 178/1/4

Republic of Croatia
To fully appreciate this site, download Netscape1.1N now. . Thanks to Yahoo Search Engine ... . This page is under construction. Soon, here will be more information, please be patient.

Marin Bezic's Welcome Page
Welcome to my virtual brochure. Here you can find out more about me and my family, my friends, and my homeland Croatia. Some information about my academic history, interests, and future plans is on-line, as well as my Curriculum Vitae.

Yahoo - News:International:Croatia
News:International:Croatia . News from Croatia - Brings you newest update on the situationin Croatia. It provides you with photos, videos and texts. . . Copyright (c) 1994-95 Yahoo, All Rights Reserved

Yahoo - Regional:Countries:Croatia
Regional:Countries:Croatia . Croatian Chamber of Economy . Croatian Community Page . Education () . Liberation of W. Slavonia, Croatia - The May of 1995 liberation of Western Slavonia, Croatia and attacks on the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.

Yahoo - Regional:Countries:Croatia
[ Yahoo | Write Us | Add URL | Search | Info ] . Regional:Countries:Croatia . Croatian Chamber of Economy . Croatian Community Page . Education () . Liberation of W. Slavonia, Croatia - The May of 1995 liberation of Western Slavonia, Croatia.

Yahoo - Education:Universities:Croatia
Education:Universities:Croatia . University Zagreb . . Copyright (c) 1994-95 Yahoo, All Rights Reserved

Yahoo - Reference:Libraries:Croatia
Reference:Libraries:Croatia . Rudjer Boskovic Institute Library . . Copyright (c) 1994-95 Yahoo, All Rights Reserved

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