Slovenia and Croatia were the first two countries that emerged from former Yugoslavia that had full Internet access. Take the oportunity to visit some of the sites in Slovenia with clickable maps. Click here for links to Slovenian government sites. Also, Slovenia is definitely the only place in former Yugoslavia where you can find both a gay home page and a Josip Broz Tito's home page. Most of Slovenian pages (.si) are on uni-lj - University of Ljubljana, and ijs - Institute Jozef Stefan servers. There is also a commercial server Eunet. Those curious about Western capital penetration in former Eastern Europe would find amusing that IBM has its own server in Slovenia. Yet, still many sites on the net simply ignore the existence of Slovenia, which, of course, bothers Slovenians, and they, being champions of the civil protest, built this site to tell you what they think of the ignorants.

Servers in Slovenia

Scientific Endeavor in Slovenia -- a Historical Overview
The Freising Text -- the earliest known Slovene and Slavonic document in the Latin script -- was written around the year 1000. The humanist movement in Slovenia began a few centuries later, at the end of the 14th and the beginning of the 15th century.

Geophysical Survey of Slovenia - Home Page
Geophysical Survey of Slovenia . Uprava Republike Slovenije za geofiziko . Kersnikova 3 . 61000 Ljubljana, Slovenija . tel: 386-61/131.92.67 . fax: 386-61/132.70.67 . Observatory . Pot na Golovec 25 . 61000 Ljubljana, Slovenija.

Resource Map of Slovenia
Clickable Map of Internet Resources of Slovenia . I am sorry, not all links are ready yet, but they will be... eventualy. . More up to date and complete list you can find here: Information Servers in Slovenia. clickable map

Interactive map of Slovenia
Spots on the map marked with , , and are links to documents or images corresponding to the area. . Symbols of (ski resort), (international airport) and (wine-growing region) are sensitive as well. . Please make your choice. clickable map

This is Slovenia, on the sunny side of the Alps. Young state, old culture, fantastic scenery. . A nation of two million, with a distinctive and clear identity, which has preserved its individuality in this treacherous sub-alpine crossroads.

Other WWW servers in Slovenia
Jozef Stefan Institute . University of Ljubljana . Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science . Department of Civil Engineering . University of Maribor . Academic and Research Network of Slovenia (ARNES) . J. Dimec

Welcome to Marko Dolinar's homepage
Dober dan! Welcome! . Information about Slovenia . Information about J. Stefan institute . About myself . Department's wine-tasting society.

Dept. Biochem. & Mol. Biol., J. Stefan Inst., Ljubljana, Slovenia
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology . J. Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, SI-61111 Ljubljana, Slovenia . phone: +386 61 177 3900, fax: +386 61 27 35 94 . Here is all you might want to know about our department.

Tito Tito's page
The former Yugoslavia's only president, an authoritarian dictator, Josip Broz Tito, born in Kumrovec (Croatia), died in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 1980, without a succesor. His death marked the beginning of the power struggle for the Yugoslav helm that turned into a war between former Yugoslav republics, which he deemed inseparable in brotherhood and unity. Tito's body is buried in Belgrade (Serbia). His spirit lives resurrected on this page since 1994. Click here to download the Tito screensaver. Despite his dictatorial style of governing the country and despite his taste for luxury, people across ethnic divides of what once was Yugoslavia today miss his company. It is widely perceived that after all he did a good job not only of keeping the country together, but also of keeping it up with the West, as it was brought right to the point with this cartoon from The New Yorker.

Slavoj Zizek
Alternately described as "one of the most arresting, insightful and scandalous thinkers in recent memory" and "the Giant of Ljubljana," Slavoj Zizek is a leading intellectual and commentator on subjects ranging from Lacan and German Idealism to opera to the war in Bosnia and NATO's intervention in Kosovo. He is currently Senior Researcher at the Institute for Social Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and was recently Visiting Professor at the New School for Social Research, New York. Zizek also ran as a pro-reform candidate for the presidency of the republic of Slovenia, then part of Yugoslavia, in 1990.

Information Servers in Slovenia - new in February 1995
Information Servers in Slovenia -- new in February 1995 . New entries in February: . AIESEC Slovenia (Association Internationale des Etudians en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales) . Scientia -- new issue (Feb 15) . IBM Slovenia.

ARNES (Academic and Research Network of Slovenia) homepage
Academic and Research Network of Slovenia . ARNES provides network services to research and educational community in Slovenia. . Information for Community Served by ARNES . INSIGHT Slovenia Home Page . News and events . Information resources .

INSIGHT Entry Point - Slovenia
Where are you and where can you get from here? . Welcome to Slovene INSIGHT WWW server. This service is run by ARNES, a network service provider for research and educational community in Slovenia. . About the INSIGHT Project .

Information Servers in Slovenia - new in June 1995
Information Servers in Slovenia -- new in June 1995 . New entries in June: . Search for files in the ftp archive maintained by ARNES . European Academic Software Award . ISA.IT Technological park, J. Stefan Institute .

SInet EUnet/Slovenia Home Page
Slovenija . Informacije v slovenskem jeziku . Last update: Sept. 6th, 1995 . EUnet Slovenia is a part of european commercial network EUnet, which is connected to worldwide computer network Internet.

netg allery
S L O V E N I A . Cankarjeva 27, SLO-69000 Murska Sobota . . Tel.Fax.:(+386) 69 32 027 . Welcome to the commercial side of virtual Netgallery - Slovenia ! . Artists Represented .

Slovenia -- Travel Information
General information is available as a separate document. . Border Crossings . Slovenia has 61 international and local road, rail and other border crossings with Italy, 47 with Austria, 4 with Hungary and 34 with Croatia.

Informati on Servers in Slovenia - by Protocol
what's new | by subject | by organization | by protocol . Servers in Slovenia -- by Protocol . Updated: July 25, 1995 . BBS . A list of BBS maintained by Mojster BBS . FTP . Separate document . Gopher . University of Ljubljana, FAGG .

Slovenia -- General Information
Travel information is available as a separate document. . Location . Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Italy, Austria and Croatia . see: interactive map and neighbouring countries . Area . 20.253 km2 Capital: Ljubljana .

Slovene Queer Recources Directory . Some GLB organisations based in Slovenia: . political organisation: Roza klub . for gays: SKUC - MAGNUS . for lesbians: SKUC - LL . Events in Slovenia: . Gay and Lesbian Film Festival .

Zavod za podporo civilno-druzbenih inicijativ - Institute for support of civil and social initiatives. An APC member organization which provides a table of links to current social, cultural and environmental happenings in Slovenia. Link to Metelkova.
Ljubljana digital media lab

IBM Slovenia
Products by IBM, available in Slovenia . IBM Slovenia - Dealers and Partners . System Support Center for CER . Banking Competence Center for CER . Slovenian OS/2 Users Group . [ Slo - CSZ | Slo - 7bit | Slo - 852 ] . [ IBM home page | Order |

Group for Communication Management, Ltd. Publishing business run by ex-Mladina guys.

WWW in Slovenia - Table of Contents
This table of contents is based on an automatic harvesting of information which is performed automatically twice a week and includes titles of all linked WWW pages at public sites in SLovenia. . To include your site in the harvest please report.

Steps to Independence of Slovenia
Steps to Independence . Elections . Plebiscite . Winning independence . Constitutional order . Treatment of minorities . Steps to Independence . The first step to independence was taken in 1989.

International Conference on Software Quality
November, 6 - 9 1995 . Maribor, Slovenia . Organised by: . University of Maribor . Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, . Faculty of Business and Economics, . Slovenia Section IEEE.

Servers in Slovenia - by Subject
what's new | by subject | by organization | by protocol . Servers in Slovenia -- by subject . Updated: August 25, 1995 . Advertising . Studio Marketing, the first and the largest advertising and marketing agency in Slovenia .

City of Women

An international festival of contemporary arts, focusing on women's creativity in the nineties as expressed in the performing arts, the fine arts, literature, film and video. With this project we want to shake the stereotypical role of women and improve the status of women in the field of the arts.

Marko Pigac
home page

Slovenian Government

Slovenian Permanent Mission to the UN
Slovenia holds a non-permanent seat on the Security Council in the year 1998-1999.
Slovenian Government Links
The list of government and non-government links as compiled by the Slovenian Permanent Mission to the U.N. Non-government links include Chambers of Commerce, Slovenian Business Weeks, Y2K information and a turist guide to Virtual Slovenia.

Servers outside of Slovenia

(Slovenian language) page.

Announcement of the SWAG 1995 Conference
Bradas, Adrijan Nationality Slovenian Permanent Address Bazoviska 7 66320 Portoroz, Slovenia Tel. +(386) 66-73922 Professional Interests Marketing, Management, International Business Personal Interests languages, Sports.

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Crnugeli-Gale, Saso Nationality Slovene Permanent Address Aliceva 11 61261 Dobrunie, Slovenia Tel: +(386) 61-482 557 Professional Interests Management, International Trade, Marketing Education 1994 Master of Business Administration NE

Milos's home page
Welcome to my home page! *hug* . I was born in the lovely city of Ljubljana in the country Yugoslavia. . Now Yugoslavia is the past and the house where i was born is in SLOVENIA. . Ljubljana is the capitol of this small but nice country.

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