Sarajevo by Hermann

Sarajevo banner

"This City Belongs To Those Who Want To Live Here"

says the banner at a demonstration of support to the the Dayton peace accords. Kids were cheering in Sarajevo the day agreement was signed. After four years of incessant shelling half of all schools and two thirds of all houses in Bosnia are destroyed yielding millions of displaced persons. Through the example of Sarajevo, English language came to know a new term in the art of war: urbicide. Sarajevo was under siege for 1395 days. Now, the ruins of Sarajevo will be a united capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, though still divided in nine zones (map) and surrounded by minefields. Sarajevo's fate might have been far worse if not for heroes who defeneded it - like Sasha Petrovic.

U.S. flag over Sarajevo NATO forces, just arriving in Bosnia, will keep warring parties 4 kilometers away from each other. They didn't say if they'd have to keep warring parties' elected representatives 4 meters away from each other in the parliament in order to prevent bloodshed. To get the latest updates check the home of the united Sarajevo in cyberspace and Pentagon's Defense Link.

Tearing US FlagSerbs of Sarajevo are not pleased with the agreement that places them under Muslim-Croat control. They held a referendum against the Dayton agreement and pledged to defend Sarajevo to the last drop of "Serbian Orthodox Blood". While the rest of Sarajevo's youth welcomed the agreement, youth in Serb held parts of Sarajevo tore American flag. Forget Oklahoma City Federal Building - look at this old municipal buildings in civic center of Sarajevo. And check out the Sarajevo Zone. For pictures from the U2 concert and from the soccer derby check out Melisa's homepage. For more pictures from newly renovated Sarajevo check Sarajevo Forever.

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All pictures from Reuters. Drawing by Hermann.

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