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Victory against Milosevic in
elections on September 24!
New president of FR Yugoslavia: Vojislav Kostunica; Milosevic is finished!
[joyfull mp3 audio in Serbian], [serious video from BBC in English]

Trial of Slobodan Milosevic
Watch the video of Milosevic's trial in The Hague on the Internet.
On-line shopping for your friends and relatives in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The site is in Serbian. You can buy groceries from your home in the U.S. or Germany or anywhere else in the world, charge them to your credit card and have them delivered to your impoverished loved ones in Serbia. For about 30% mark-up, the Bazar people will wait for you in line and deal with black market salesmen, and bring the stuff you bought to your friends and/or relatives at no cost to them.
Serbia Info
Official information from Serbia and Yugoslavia - put up by the Yugoslav Ministry of Information. Agitprop.
Serbia Dis-Info
Official parody site of the Yugoslav Ministry of Information. The other side of propaganda.
Foreign Affairs
Yugoslav Ministry of Foreign Affairs - fresh information from FR Yugoslavia daily. Click here for the picture of Greater Serbia from M. Milutinovic's presidential campaign (he was Yugoslav foreign minister before he became Serbia's president).
Socialist Party of Serbia - Head Committee
Head Committee is what would once be called the "Central Committee". SPS is the ruling political party in Serbia, a descendent party to the communists. You can find a larger than life image of its leader - Slobodan Milosevic - here on this pages. The site is frequently updated.

Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia - The Police Force of Serbia - their view on situation on Kosovo - complete with the FBI definition of terrorism and the Fond for financial support to the families of killed and wounded police officers. Check the Kosovo page on this site.

Slobodan Milosevic
President of Yugoslavia, leader of all Serbs and pater familias of Milosevic clan. Interpol arrest warrant for Slobodan Milosevic.
Citizens of Yugoslavia! Sign the petition asking Slobodan Milosevic to resign the post of the Yugoslav President and transfer the power to the transitional leadership of an expert group allowing Serbia to start getting rebuilt and Serb people to return to their normal lives. Had he any patriotism left, he would heed the will of the people. Click here to see Slobodan Milosevic kindly offering his resignation (in Serbian; just a joke, of course). Now, you can kill him, too! Click here to kill Slobodan Milosevic. Fun game - you need to be able to read cyrillic, though - i.e. author's point is that killing Milosevic is a Serb thing and that NATO help is neither sought nor welcome.
Mira Markovic
Milosevic's wife, President of the United Yugoslav Left, sociology professor announcing the new (richer, juster and more universal) world's arrival.
Zorica Brunclik
Serbian folk singer, a member of Mira Markovic's UYL party and the future Minister of Culture of Serbia - this is the RTS (Serbian Radio-Television) Records web page which has RealAudio files of tracks from Zorica Brunclik's recent album. (in Serbian)
Marko Milosevic
Milosevic's son owns an 8-stories discotheque Madona in a rather worldly hamlet of Pozarevac, all with 55,000 watts sound system and a radio station on top (Radio 101).
Party Platform
Serb Radical Party in Bosnia (Karadzic, Plavsic, Krajisnik), party platform, 1991, more...; just for comparation: Chetnik National Programme, 1941
Bomb Serbia
In the wake of threat of NATO bombing, Serbian artist Andrej Tisma presented an award of a set of Monica Lewinsky's lips to the most innovative design of "humanitarian bomb" for Serbia.
Serbian Cafe
Serbian chat room on the web. IRC like CGI script makes things look real. Very easy to use. All former Yugoslavs welcome. Simple rules (no insults, no shouting, no sex talk). Check it out (of course, if you speak the language).
Chat site. Football club Partizan. Grave-diggers (Grobari) welcome. Java enabled browsers only (i.e. it sucks if you don't have Windows95).
Ju Riport On Lajn
Yu Report On-Line by Politika magazine in Serbian.
Welcome to Free Serbia
Students Union of Yugoslavia, voices of other Serbia. Metodical listing of all civilian targets hit by NATO.
Belgrade University, Department of History of Art, database of all destroyed and damaged cultural heritage in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo during and after the NATO air-strikes.
Another site devoted to destroyed and/or damaged cultural heritage - this one is more political (anti-NATO).
Yet another one about destruction of cultural heritage - this one deals specifically with destruction of Hadun Mosque in the city of Djakovica (Djakova) in Kosovo (Kosova). Serbian officials claim that the mosque was destroyed by NATO missile, while NATO officials claim that the mosque was burned and destroyed by Serb paramilitaries. This site takes NATO side. It also offers good pictures, so you can judge by yourself.
Bombing of Serbian Shrines
The site by Serbian Orthodox Church that acuses NATO of bombing around forty churches, monasteries and cemeteries in Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro.
Centar za razvoj informisanja i demokratije
Centar za razvoj informisanja i demokratije poceo je sa radom pocetkom oktobra 1998 god. kao nestranacko, nepoliticko i neprofitno udruzenje gradjana (nevladina organizacija), sa sedistem u Nisu,koje svoju delatnost ostvaruje na teritoriji SR Jugoslavije. (in Serbian)
Another place where you can find out what's going on with Serbian progressives (in Serbian only). The sites are redundant because of the government's nasty habit to shut them down frequently.
Gay Rights in Serbia
Another project partially sponsored by OSI. The web site contains details of campaign for gay rights in Serbia, as well as the personals section - both in Serbian and in English. Site's host, Campaign Against Homophobia, has scheduled a conference on gay rights in Serbia on December 17-19, 1999 in Novi Sad - watch for the police reaction.
Rights of Roma in Serbia
Often, Gypsies are seen fleeing Kosovo together with Serbs in fear of Albanian persecution - but they are persecuted in Serbia as well, victims of skinheads beatings and bureaucratic indifference. Report by ERRC.
Quake 2 Server in Belgrade!
Milan Panic's Alliance for Change
Milan Panic, formerly a bycicle racing champion, is the CEO of ICN Pharmaceuticals, the owner of Serbian Galenika and the former prime minister of Yugoslavia - an American of Serbian origin, Serbian patriot and a sworn enemy of Slobodan Milosevic.
Publishing house

Zivi OtporZivi Otpor!
The Resistance Movement in Serbia: the best ways to get news of the dissident movements in Serbia. See their demands. Read why they are in the streets demonstrating for four winters. Hear why Milosevic's cops beat them up. Otpor is a student movement, bursting with energy and ideas, outsider to the political "process", a loose cannon in Milosevic's otherwise tightly controlled political arena. While they have no candidate of their own, Otpor people decided to run a campaign for September 24 presidential elections in Serbia under the motto: "He is finished!"
An Update on Harassment of the Otpor (Resistance) Movement
Escalating Repression in Serbia: An Update on Harassment of the Otpor (Resistance) Movement A Human Rights Watch Press Backgrounder, June 1, 2000
Cekajuci Nebo
Waiting For Heaven - theater performance about a guy from the country and a girl from the city (in Serbia) how they go together in space.
An action feature film by Veljko Milosevic, a Serbian-American producer/director. About an ex-Navy SEAL haunted by involvement in an operation in Bosnia.
Peace and Crises Management Foundation
Fondacija ima za cilj da trazi resenja za probleme nastale prilikom tranzicije zemalja bivse istocne Evrope. Osnovni projekat o bivsoj Jugoslaviji, koja je u centru aktivnosti fondacije su "Predlozi za novu zajednicu republika bivse Jugoslavije", gde g. Vukobrat i grupa svetskih eksperata predlazu da se, radi trajnog mira, stabilnosti i prosperiteta ovih područja, ovaj prostor regionalizuje i integriše na novim osnovama.
RTV BK Telecom
Braca Karic Television On-Line: the largest privately owned TV network in the Balkans. Relatively independent - Bogoljub Karic, the owner, is a friend of Slobodan Milosevic, but runs the TV station with his own mind (and money).
America's Intervention in the Balkans
Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies and The Chronicles - a magazine of American culture invite you to a forum on America's intervention in the Balkans (a hint: they are anti-intervention) - Chicago, February 28 - March 2.
The BALKAN War Cover-Up, Yugoslavia 1999
A conspiracy theory in which Milosevic ends up being a CIA operative. Contains 3 and 4 hours long RealAudio files...
Black Hand
No, not the Serbian terrorist organization that killed archduke Ferdinand, but the cyberterrorist that on his page proudly lists Kosovo-Albanian and Croatian sites that he hacked into using his free Geocities account and a domain registered on a small South Pacific island.
In December '96, with the support of the National Forum Foundation, K.A.M.E.N.K.O publishing launched its first independent web newspaper, SerbiaNow! A non-partisan news digest and information clearinghouse published exclusively on the World Wide Web, SerbiaNow! aims to provide comprehensive but concise updates on the recent protests and related events in Serbia, along with background information, links to other resources, and details on how to support Serbia's movement toward democracy. As long as the people of Serbia are denied their rights to freedom of the press and representative government, SerbiaNow! will continue to inform the world public of their fight.
Hope on the Balkans
Protest in Serbia. November/December 1996. Hourly updates. Dutch based.

1996 Protests

Site in Serbia that covers the protests. Run by SezamPro.
Official Federal Republic of Yugoslavia web page containing information related to cultural events, economic and business information and lates news and political commentary provided by Serbian Ministry of Information (while some bias should be expected, this site is a must-visit for any serious former Yugoslavia scholar).
Terazije na Internetu. First commercial web server in Serbia. [U.S. mirror]
Racunski Centar Univerziteta u Beogradu
Computer Lab of Belgrade University. The first web server in Serbia with an international DNS entry. With sanctions lifted following the Dayton agreement, Serbia became the part of the Internet community, too.
A virtual information and communication resource centre dedicated to the struggle for democracy in Serbia.

YU-Report Online
YUROPE on-line newsmagazine. Latest news from Yugoslavia in English or Serbian. Mirror site. Yugoslav site.

Financial Experts
List of Serbian Yuppies - young financial experts from Serbia who are expected to prop up Serbian economy once the communist regime is finally gone. Read their resumes. Sorry they are offered only in Serbian.

Yugoslavia's Home Cyberterritory
This is the Yugoslav part of the Web. Welcome to Yugoslavia. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbian: Savezna Republika Jugoslavija ), was formally proclaimed on April 1992. . Nicely done page ( is home of variety of interlinked Serbia's/Yugoslavia's pages) - with maps, images, history, folklore, news, discussions, sounds and even culinary recipes. Look also:
Ser bia
Same server. The history of the people on Serbian soil has always been turbulent. The Lepenski Vir in Djerdap has been settled as back as the sixth millennium B.C. Famous archeological sites from the Neolithic Age;
Fa cts and Figures
Yugoslav flag. . Yugoslavia - an active map . The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) consists of the Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro;
The places you should see ...
By Topic . Monasteries . Lepenski Vir (An ancient archeological site) . The Montenegrin Riviera . The Kopaonik Mountain Resort . By Location . Serbia . Montenegro;
Yugos lav cuisine
Gourmet - Made in Yugoslavia . The great ethnic and religious diversity of Yugoslavia, coupled with the history, geography, and climate of the region, has also produced an interesting variety of cuisines;
Database of places in Yugoslavia
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Yugoslavia
Register your server. . Landscape painted with heart . Provides a general information about Yugoslavia. Material available on the server is a brief overview of culture, history, art, language and gourmet food in Yugoslavia. Write a message to the Yugoslavia's webweaver. hosts various Serbian businesses on the Net.
The homepage of the city of Uzice, history, pictures, links and music (MIDI).

Current news from Serbia, with archives

White Pages of Yugoslav diaspora

Maps of the region
All about Geopolitics in Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia ( or: The Untold Stories about current events in Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia ) Geopolitics . ( Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia . ) . Alternative views of some commonly used terms, "facts", stories . Why are some nations more equal than the others (Orwell "Animal Farm")? This site is highly accessed (10-20,000 hits a day), so, for the same stuff, you may also look at alternat e site, or a third site.

Pi ctures mostly of victims of recent Croatian "cleansing" of Krajina.
Some pictures though date to 1992. There are no explanations, so you have to open the picture to see what it is about. Beware of pictures with filenames ccccc*.jpg, since they are particularly gross,

Atlas of the Ustasha Genocide
[ Wars | Atlas of Genocide in WWII Croatia | Bosnia | External Factors | Fall of Krayina | Geopolitics | History | Krayina | Media Bias | Srebrenica | Srpska Republic (RS) | Ustashas | West Slavonia | Yasenovac | ] . Atlas of the Ustasha genocide.

SII . Srpska Informativna Inicijativa / Serbian Information Initiative . Prokletije (Courtesy: Grunf) . DOBRODOSLI! WELCOME! . This page contains links to efforts of many people identified through the URL's of their documents.

Chetnicks page
A royalist movement in Serbia which through the Second World War turned to the wrong side for help in their pursuit against communist partisans. Remembered as killers by Croats and Bosnian Muslims. Praised as patriots and heroes by some Serbs.

Only Violence Saves a Serb
ITN's picture that fooled the word and other stories about the Serbian martyrdom

Never Again
The Serb side of story about the final settlement of the Serbian question in Croatia.

Serbia - Yesterday And Today
The "Terribly beautiful" . Cultural and Social Rebirth . Stormy Past . Germanic Conquerors Stopped . Vojvodina - The Granary of Yugoslavia . Vojvodina - Views of the Fields . Banks of History and Energy .

Serbia Bulletin - 1995
This is an in depth overview of what politicians, journalists, analysts and scientists had to say and write about the civil war and the consequences it caused in the former Yugoslavia. . January . February . March . April.

Cyrillic letters for Internet
If you want to write e-mail or html in cyrillic go there or visit alternate site.

7/25/95 p.m.
Why the Serbs want territory . (c) Copyright the News & Observer Publishing Co. . Hearst News Service . PARIS -- The Serbs are probably the only people in the world who commemorate a crushing military defeat as their greatest national holiday.

Agape Europe - TV Ministry News
Agape Europe TV Ministry News . 1 out of 3 . The Russian media landscape is dotted with almost too many players to count. The government continues to have the largest role. In addition to the 2 nationwide broadcasters there are 90 regional.

Current Television
current TV programmes on one world themes: . September 22nd - 29th 1995 . We're focusing on UK television & radio programmes because we simply can't research the world's output ourselves.

on the Internet . Yugoslav Home Page with general information (places, culture, language ..) about the federal republic of Yugosalvia (also known as Serbia-Montenegro). It also has links to Internet resources related to former Yugoslavia, as well as the excerpts from the press.

Zlatan Milosevic's Home Page
Welcome to my little corner on the Web. Please, take your time while visiting my home page and I hope you find it interesting and usefull in every aspect. Also, I hope you come back again soon to check out the latest information.

Joegoslavie op Internet
(Former Yugoslavia on Internet. English help texts: see below each item). . Laatste update: 13 sep. '95 . Deze rubriek wordt onderhouden door Socia Media. Foutjes? Opmerkingen? Of maak je een link naar deze pagina? Stuur een berichtje aan ...

Afin de faciliter la recherche d'une information via le dedale des liens URL, nous mettons a votre disposition Themes. . L'idee est de fournir l'acces aux differentes pages comme dans une encyclopedie.

Southern Slav States
More ample information about the history of the former Yugoslavia can be found in the Yugoslavia Army Area Handbook. There is also a Yugoslav Home Page. . Very rough historical outline: first, there was the Byzantine empire.

War in the Balkans
As this is written, the conflict in the Balkans spirals out of control. A Croatian offensive has decapitated the rebel "Krajina" Serb army in Croatia, and Croatian troops have entered Bosnia to support the Muslim troops besiged in Bihac.

Northstar Life Services
Kolo Newsletter. Psychological counseling and on-line psychotherapy for domestic abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. Therapy may include a weekend with Serbian Kolo dance! Hosted by Danica Anderson.

Republika Crna Gora
List of links and resources for Yugoslav Republic Montenegro


Kosovo - Kosova Balkans Pages
Two millions large Albanian minority lives scattered around former Yugoslavia, mostly in Serbian province of Kosovo & Metohija, where they constitute 90% of population (making Serbian minority there smaller than French in Algeria before Algeria's liberation struggle), and in Eastern Macedonia, both regions bordering with Albania. Conflict between Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo contributed to a great degree to the breakdown of Yugoslav state. As it was expected, the Yugoslav demise that started in Kosovo, returned there in February 1998. This page offers comments and links to the current crisis.

Djurdjevdanski Uranak 99
On May 6, 1999 there is supposed to be large Serb gathering on Kosovo due to Djurdjevdan celebration. Follow this link for details (in Serbian).

Albania . Geography . Location: Balkan State, Southeastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula between Serbia and Montenegro and Greece . Map references: Africa, Ethnic Groups in Eastern Europe, Europe, Standard Time Zones. Click here for women rights in Kosova.

All the Hotels on the Web
Europe . Serbia . Belgrade - Hyatt Regency Belgrade - Hyatt Hotels .

Belgrade hotel reservation
- IDD: 38 . BELGRADE . Area Code: 11 . Hyatt Regency Belgrade . Milentija Popovica 5 [HYT] . Tel:2221234 Fx:2222234 Tx:71031 . Guaranteed Rates: . ID#: 96004871-Reservation Centre . USD130 sgl/dbl dlx 31-Dec-95 . USD150 165 sgl/dbl r/c Dec-95.

Christian's Chrom Child
Attention !! . (This is not news any more) . I shall have to express my utmost concern and suspicion in regard to the developement in the former Yugoslavia and the role of NATO and the United States in particular. . The lack of US troopers.

Ya hoo - Regional Information:Countries:Serbia
[ Yahoo | Up | Search | Suggest | Add | Help ] . Regional Information:Countries:Serbia . Serbia . . Copyright (c) 1994-95 Yahoo

Yahoo - Regional Information:Countries:Yugoslavia
[ Yahoo | Up | Search | Suggest | Add | Help ] . Regional Information:Countries:Yugoslavia . Balkan Media & Policy Monitor - Recent news analysis as presented by the Independent Media of the former Yugoslavia. . Current events in former ...

Yahoo - News:International:Yugoslavia (former)
News:International:Yugoslavia (former) . Current events in former Yugoslavia . . Copyright (c) 1994-95 Yahoo, All Rights Reserved

MCC Commentary: Bosnia Serb "Deserters" -- War Heroes?
Mennonite Central Committee . News Service . July 14, 1995 . MCC COMMENTARY: BOSNIAN SERB "DESERTERS" -- WAR HEROES? . Editor's note: Refugees' names have been changed for their protection.

Not official info. Contact (HARRY TSAMAIDIS)...
for sources . BALKANS . are a group of countries that cover a peninsula in the southeast corner of Europe. The countries are named after the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

The Book of Home
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: . Serbia and Monte Negro . The Yugoslavia third time among the Serbs: . General Info, Maps, Cities . Language and Alphabet . Literature . Music . Visual Arts . ...

NEWS AND ANALYSIS DIGEST . Subscribe . ISSUE 11 VOL 2 MAY 1, 1995. . IN THIS ISSUE: . Comments and analyses: . Monitor and Republika - what is the background of Milosevic insistence on lifting the sanctions ?

Yahoo - Regional:Countries:Serbia
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Diary Of a Chess Grandmaster
"ON THE ROAD " . with GM Yasser Seirawan . CHAPTER I | CHAPTER II | CHAPTER III . Dear Chess fans, . I'll try to do my best to be your "Ears & Eyes" here but it is more challenging when one is competing in the tournament.

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