Women Anti-War Organizations in former Yugoslavia and Groups Against Violence Against Women

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flagAutonomous Women Groups From Bosnia
Croatian flagAutonomous Women Groups From Croatia
Macedonian flagAutonomous Women Groups From Macedonia
Slovenian flag Autonomous Women Groups From Slovenia

flagAutonomous Women Groups From Yugoslavia: Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo

Belgrade Groups

SOS Hotline for Women and Children Victims of Violence - 011-381-11-645-798

Autonomous Women's Center Against Sexual Violence

Women in Black Against War

Center for Women's Studies and Communication

The SOS Hotline and Center For Girls

Women's Law Group

Lesbian page of Arkadija by Jelica Todosijevic. Find more about the activities of Arkadija and other Central and Eastern European Womens groups here.

Woman's group in Kosova which is working on empowerment of rural women - changing traditions and responding to educational needs. Contact: Igbale Rugova

Zagreb Groups

Be active, be emancipated Womens human rights group. Home on the web: BABE
NONA International
Multimedia Women's Center. Gallery, archives, news, co-creative work areas by women from Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina. Current issue involves the need to follow up on indictments against war criminals.
Electronic Witches in Croatia.
Electronic Witches educate women in Croatian non-governmental organizations on use of e-mail and other Internet features to enable them to better communicate with the world. They are a part of Zamir Transnational Net.

The Star project of Delphi International

Centar za zene zrtve rata - Center for Women War Victims
Women's group that takes care about women suffered from the war violence, particularly rape.

Women's Infoteka
report for 1995.