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Sign Petition to Arrest Karadzic and Mladic.

The web evolution of the popular Bosnet newsgroup. About things Bosnian. Done by Bosnians (well, mostly). For everybody who loves Bosnia.
Bosna Chat
A new chat site for Bosnians and their friends.

OSCE-BiH elections chat

Welcome to the page of bh. forum!  (Note added Aug 99: These links currently point to a dead page, on which there is no live discussion)
the only bosnian news server Do you want to ask a question? Or answer one? Do you want to share an opinion with the others? Plug in to discussions and get connected with other bosnians on the Net! You won't regret... (In Bosnian). Click here for the Bosnian News search engine.
Bosnian Television in New York. In the new millenium New York's boroughs of Queens (channel 62) and Brooklyn (channel 76, Time Warner) have the opportunity to watch Bosnian Television every Saturday at 1:30 PM EST, for half an hour, the program is in Bosnian language. The program is also on Premium Cable in New Jersey. BATVNY broadcasts are now also available on Internet .
Bosnian Telephone Directory
White Pages for all Bosnia! Official Bosnian PTT Telephone Directory on the Internet. In Bosnian. Warning: you will need your Windows keyboard layout to be set for Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language in order to use the directory which is set up to recognize b/c/s diacritic characters.
Bosnian fast-food joint in Ridgewood, NY. First "Burekdž:inica" in New York city.
The Bosnian Institute
The Bosnian Institute aims to educate people throughout the world about the history and culture of Bosnia-Herzegovina, its social, economic, governmental, legal and cultural conditions, organizations and institutions, with a special focus on the past and present development of these conditions, organizations and institutions.
The Bosnian Action Council
This week in Bosnia-Hercegovina
newsletter (July issue) is now available
FAMA International, founded in 1991, is Sarajevo based; media-publishing house with developing foundation activities and network of affiliated partners in Europe, USA and Japan. It is a leading company and the advocate for Global: Preservation, Integration and Educational/Application of the Collective Memory on human knowledge and experience pertaining to the Phenomenon of Sarajevo Siege (92/96). The official FAMA International web-site represents an electronic Gateway for all of those in quest for knowledge, facts & evidences and information on the Past, Present and Future state of the City of Sarajevo. Building a community of students, professors, teachers, librarians, intellectuals, researchers, diplomats, humanists, journalists, and general public with profound interest to learn and apply the lessons of Sarajevo Siege Phenomenon while observing and documenting the future developments.
ESI Report: Bosnian Power Structures
The Berlin-based research organization, European Stability Initiative (ESI), released in October '99 a very strong report on Bosnian Power Structures. It is a brilliant analysis of the contemporary political situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, domestic and international. It makes a point that the main problem is not the nationalist extremism of the local power groups but their entrenchment in the old was of doing politics in the region inherited from the communist party of the former Yugoslavia. They have different ideology, but they have the same goals (remaining in power at all costs) and ways of achieving those goals: controlling the economy, media and social life. You'll have to register to read it.
Center for the Culture of Peace and Nonviolence in Tuzla
A new Bosnian homepage.
A new Bosnian corner on the web.
Bosnian-Hercegovinan Corporate Business Web Site
The site is under construction. So far there is only a complete presentation of Energoinvest available.
Discount long-distance telephone service from the U.S. Call Bosnia for $.25 a minute! The same rate applies to Croatia and Yugoslavia, too.
News from Sarajevo
Inventive new page offering pictures of Sarajevo, Survival Guide, business contacts and kid pen-pal center.
Bosnian Congress
Bosnian emigres opposed to Alija Izetbegovic (in Bosnian language).
Muslim Aid Australia Inc.
Two hundred thousand Kosovo Albanians have so far been expelled from their homes. Most of them are elderly people, women and children facing the brunt of another Ethnic Cleansing in the Balkans, as endured by the people of Bosnia. Kosovo-Albanian refugees are in desperate need for shelter, food and medicine. Muslim Aid Australia currently collects donations to help Kosovo Albanians and Bosnian Muslims.
The first commercial Internet Service Provider in Bosnia .ba domain (Bosnian language).
The USIA Bosnian Elections Results Site
(password protected site)
Tuzla Summer University '97
English speaking college students around the world can apply now on-line to spend a summer semester at the University of Tuzla in Tuzla, BiH, this summer 1997.
Obrazovanje Gradi Bosnu
Education To Build Bosnia - an organization founded and headed by retired Bosnian Army joint chief of stuff who recently returned his rank to Izetbegovic over longstanding objections to Izetbegovic politics and leadership.
New site for business, net contacts and news from Bosnia.
Friends Of Bosnia
is one of the oldest and most established grass roots organizations in the U.S. working exclusively to increase awareness about the war in Bosnia and supporting efforts for a long-term and just peace. Beginning in February, 1993--ten months after the outbreak of war in Bosnia--Friends of Bosnia started a campaign to educate our community about the genocide being committed against the people of Bosnia. By organizing speaker series, interviews, conferences, rallies and humanitarian aid drives, we continue to be at the forefront of the national effort to bring informed awareness to the issue.
Serbian Unity Congress
News from SRNA - Serbian News Agency operating out of Serbian entity (Republika Srpska) in Bosnia. For more links to the Serbian point of view click here.
Libraries and Museums in Bosnia-Herzegovina Requesting Assistance
Although there has been some progress in rebuilding, libraries in Sarajevo and other parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina still need assistance. Functioning libraries are a key to the continuing efforts to repair the wounds of war, to reviving educational and cultural institutions and to serving the information needs of physicians, engineers, and other professions.
Bicycles to Bosnia
This Texas based project is organized by Houston car artists Tom Kennedy & Shelley Buschur with the help of Mladi Most (Young Bridge), a project affiliated with Aktion Suehnezeichen Friedendienste e.V and sponsored by Lasiewicz Foundation, which aims to facilitate multiethnic youth collaborations in divided city of Mostar. As it's name suggests, it calls upon you to donate your working bicycle to a kid in Bosnia.

Monument For Bosnia
Exploring the possibility to build a Monument For Bosnia in virtual space. Who are the builders? A lot of sites listed on this page would provide matter to build the monument.
One of the Monument's linked sites.

List of lists
New project of Sarajevo On-Line group: list of resources about Bosnia. This project is aimed on connecting the refugees among themselves and with their homeland.

Putting Sarajevo on the Net
Vrij University in Netherlands established a satellite link called Unilink with Sarajevo University enabling on-line chat and full access to Internet from Bosnia. This 128kbps line sponsored by Global One is the Bosnian Internet "backbone". The top level domain name for addresses that end in Bosnia-Hercegovina is now .BA: UTIC - University of Sarajevo TeleInformation Center and Open Society Institute Bosnia and Hercegovina. Using this link several law firms donated more than a hundred computers to Sarajevo University Law School through the Villanova Law School Project Bosnia. This link was closed in summer 1998. [explanation]

Mine Awareness Camp for children 7-17 years of age on Pavlovica mountain in Central Bosnia, a non-governmental organization from Novi Travnik.

Media Plan - SAFAX - Nase Sanse
Our Chances - the bulletin of service for refugees from Bosnia and Hercegovina

Bosnian Stamps Home Page for philatelic enthusiasts.

Art Creation Service
By Bojan Bahic, Sarajevo's WARUM posters author. He and his wife now live and work in L.A.

Sarajevo Alive, Sarajevo On-Line (there is no longer any record of the CNAM students' project, carried out during the siege of Sarajevo, on the CNAM site pointed to by this link)
seeks to promote direct dialogue between the inhabitants of Sarajevo and the Internet community.

Kemal's World
Sarajevo's Kemal Kvakic's homepage rocks. Check it out.

Academic Lifeline for Bosnia and Hercegovina
World University Service in Austria put the needs of Sarajevo University on the Internet.

Other projects related to Sarajevo and Bosnia (CNAM has kept no online record of its Sarajevo projects)
Other projects to keep Sarajevo connected . The Zamir ("peace") mail network. Ask Sarajevo Zamir Support Team . (Aug 99: The original Zamir network, and the address of the support team, is now defunct. You can study its history, and link to some of its currently active offshoots here, or go to, its direct Croatian-language descendant in Zagreb) "Etudiants pour Sarajevo" ( Students for Sarajevo) which gathers modems (and computers) in Europe to send them to Bosnia. (defunct project)

Sarajevo Internet Cafe
Located in downtown Sarajevo, a cafe with access to the Net run by Sarajevo Center for New Media, a U.S. not-for-profit organization.

[J-L.M] Informations about ex-Yugoslavia
Informations about ex-Yugoslavia . Exceptional !!! . Talks with inhabitants of Sarajevo have been realized through the net. Profit of them and have a look on this CNAM's server. Amazing dialogs! . The news . Since July 1993.

Bosnia - World War III?
B O S N I A Beginning of World War III? Virtual Library of Hampton Roads . B O S N I A . Bosnia . On April 5, 1995, the inhabitants of Sarajevo began their fourth year under siege.

The Bosnia Help Page
Our collective goal is to keep the people of the world informed of the situation in Bosnia-Hercegovina by providing humanitarian, political and cultural organization information and addresses.

Help Album for Bosnian aid charity War Child
Britain's Top Nineties Pop acts came together on September 4 to record an instant album, the proceeds of which will be donated to the charity War Child's immediate aid programme for children in war torn Bosnia.

"Bosnia's home page"
of Ayhan Irfanoglu. Welcome to Bosnia Homepage . by Enric Marti, AP. (see A Letter from Sarajevo) . You can reach many other sites and documents on Bosnia through information resources. Daily news from/about Bosnia-Herzegovina.

[] Frequently Asked Questions
Archive-name: bosnia-news-faq Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/03/27 Version: 1.2 Organization: Alumni Association, Caltech, Pasadena, California Copyright 1993,1994,1995 Asim Mughal.

Note added 22 Aug 99: The Sarajevo Pipeline and the pre-web ZTN network have both been replaced by more modern access methods, and the links now point to sites giving the history of these efforts and to currently active mailing lists and web sites, as noted.
a message/letter to Sarajevo Pipeline. (re-pointed to archive of postings)

Check Messages from Sarajevo Pipeline (re-pointed to archive of postings)
Incoming Messages from ZTN . Send a Message . This index is Constantly Updated by NetUser . Sarajevo Update July 1, 1995 . from Stacy Sullivan . we care . from Hubert Beyer . telemontecarlo journalist .

Sarajevo Links (many of the mentioned sites are dead - see the following paragraph  for some currently-active links)
Other projects to keep Sarajevo connected . The Zamir ("Towards Peace") mail network. Ask . (dead address, Aug. 99. See instead a history of the Zamir network and links to current efforts that have replaced it; or go to, the direct descendant of Zamir) "Etudiants pour Sarajevo" ( Students for Sarajevo) which gathers modems (and computers) in Europe. (the CNAM site no longer carries a record of the projects carried out by its students during the siege of Sarajevo)

another archive (dead link)
of on-line communication with Sarajevo.

Ljiljan Internet Magazine in Serbo-Croatian

Bosnia's Oslobodenje Newspaper, Sarajevo

Devoted to Croatians Living in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Bosnia Action Coalition's summary of the week's news

Passover Web site done by ORT, illustrated with artwork from the Sarajevo Haggadah - an illuminated manuscript from Medieval Spain, presently kept at the National Museum at Sarajevo. Survived the war.

Convoy Bosnia... (dead link, Aug 99)
Balkan Booklist . BALKAN BOOKLIST . RECOMMENDED READING . To facilitate the exchange of information, this recommended reading list is offered as a public education resource.

Convoy Bosnia Home Page (dead link, Aug 99)
CONVOY BOSNIA . A project of the Lasiewicz Foundation . Many people, organizations and civic groups are concerned about the plight of the hundreds of thousands of civilians wounded, orphaned or made homeless by the war in Bosnia. This foundation addresses their concerns.

Convoy Bosnia - BRIEFINGS (dead link, Aug 99)
BOSNIA BRIEFINGS: News, Updates, Resources. . A NON-PROFIT MEDIA SERVICE FOR DEMOCRACY & PEACE IN THE BALKANS . News, reports and analysis gathered by the Lasiewicz Foundation from a variety of sources.

Bosnia Briefings - NEWS, REPORTS & ANALYSIS
The following is a strong political action statement from the AMERICAN COMMITTEE TO SAVE BOSNIA reprinted by the Lasiewicz Foundation to stimulate debate on these issues. NO. 95/1 AMERICAN COMMITTEE TO SAVE BOSNIA A Program of the Action Council

CONVOY BOSNIA - Response Form (dead link, Aug 99)
Please send us your name and comments, and we will add you to our mailing list. Donations are greatly needed - soon we will accept your gifts to this TAX DEDUCTIBLE Charity by "wire" but for now please call 213-668-1811 (voice), 213-668-1033 ...

, a non-profit relief organization currently working in Bosnia, Hercegovina and Croatia. Find out about our current projects and news, or browse through other sights relating to the war in Bosnia. . History of St. Joseph Peace Mission .

"Sarajevo Home"
at CyberNews.


Social reconstruction project in Gornji Vakuf. By Dave, who, also, compiled a list of Bosnian non-governmental organizations.

Archives of many things related to Bosnia at McGill and in UK.

Yahoo - Business and Economy:Organizations:Public Interest Groups:Relief
Business and Economy:Organizations:Public Interest Groups:Relief . Convoy Bosnia - non-profit organization concerned about the plight of the hundreds of thousands of civilians wounded, orphaned or made homeless by the war in Bosnia and ...

GEnie HotSpots: Tuesday, September 19
Spotlighting the Best On The Net: 19 September, 1995 . Experiencing the Web: Riddle de jour . Entertainment: Penn & Teller's Home Page . Behind Headlines in BosniaSeries: Rebuilding a Legacy of Books . CNN's Bosnia-related Headlines and News ...

Bosnia Relief Watch
No. 42 Compiled by Refugees International September 5, 1995

The Week in Bosnia
This Week in Bosnia-Hercegovina . Compiled by the Bosnia Action Coalition (BAC) . Created 24.6.'95, last change 12.9.'95 . Access the old or recent issues of the Week in Bosnia-Hercegovina : . Issues from 18. January 1995 on. Alternate site.

JF's Bosnia Pages
My Informations & Links concerning Bosnia . Created 10.5.'95, last change 29.9.'95 . This Page is still under construction . These Pages are optimized for Netscape 1.1N.

JF's Bosnia Pages
My Informations & Links concerning Bosnia . Created 10.5.'95, last change 30.9.'95 . This Page is still under construction . These Pages are optimized for Netscape 1.1N . Sorry, but I had no time to improve this Page till now.

UN Helps Serbs
How the UN Helps the Serbs . to Win the War . Author is Noel Malcolm . The Sunday Telegraph, page 31, from 4th June 1994 . That the Bosnia Serbs reacted to air strikes by seizing UN personnel as hostages should have surprised no one.

Balkan Booklist
Version 2.3 (31.12.'94) . by . Here is a recent update of the Balkan Booklist. Please free to add your reviews to any that are still missing (the last section of the list) or to suggest additions.

, the weekly newspaper from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Digital Activism: Resources for Muslim Activists
Activist Resource Center . At the Activist Resource Center, Muslims can network to gain knowledge and to improve communications - the exchange of knowledge, so that our real-world struggles for social justice and peace may bear fruit.The ...

The Net Gazette
Published by infoPost to address curent affairs. Vol. 2 . San Diego: call 619 452-0201, or send e-mail.

The Silence on Bosnia
All of the pretenses about Bosnia have now been exposed as lies or wishful thinking: that the Bosnian Serbs are independent of Belgrade; that the Serbs care one bit what the UN or the West wants or says; that the UN forces in Bosnia are doing any good...

The Bosnia Network Home Page
A Project of the Birmingham Bosnia Task Force. . Our Mission Statement: The Birmingham Bosnia Task Force is a nonprofit, interfaith network of concerned professionals formed to help plan the rebuilding of devastated communities.

Information About Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
Info Page: Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina . Statistical Data . Population Data from Croatia (1991 Census) . Population data from Bosnia and Herzegovina (1991 Census) . Facts about Croatia (CIA Factbook 1994) . Facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dimitrij Hmeljak
Graduate Research Assistant. Home page. E-mail: Address: 1398 Computer Science Building West Lafayette, Indiana, 47907-1398 Phone: 317-494-7807 FAX: 317-494-0739 Finger Information Caution: the above address is going to change.

[] Frequently Asked Questions
Includes the speech of Mr Alija Izetbegovic, President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the 49 session of General Assembly of the United Nations 27 September 1994.

Voices from the War Zone
The following article appeared in the March/April 1995 issue of "The Humanist," A Magazine of Critical Inquiry and Social Concern. . "The Humanist" can be reached at 1-800-743-5080 . Copyright by Fred Pelka, the author. Voices from the War

note: I'm trying to integrate the links into the text.. . In my opinion, the Bosnian situation is evidence that the lessons learned from WWII have been forgotten, and that another world-wide conflagration is likely.

The Two-Cents Press
For the Week of July 24-31 . The United Nations Involvement in Bosnia . It is widely accepted that the United Nations Policy in the war in Bosnia has been a failure. After trying to negotiate a peace plan, the UN has been unable to bring peace.

BOSNIA - Declaration of Avignon
The Declaration of Avignon was written by concerned participants of the 49 th Festival d'Avignon, July 1995 . The full text of the declaration is also available in French and Dutch . Full text of the Declaration . Support Messages .

and Herzegovina . Geography . Note: Bosnia and Herzegovina is suffering from interethnic civil strife which began in March 1992 after the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina held a referendum on independence.

Bosnia Newsgroup - Home Page
Misc.News.Bosnia (moderated) . The holocaust & genocide of civilian popluation on Bosnia has been continuing since 1992 at the hands of Serbian army while all the rest of us watch.

[] Frequently Asked Questions
Newsgroups: , soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna , misc.answers , soc.answers , news.answers . Archive-name: bosnia-news-faq Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/03/27 Version: 1.2 Organization: Alumni Association, Caltech

Bosnia and East Timor
If you know of any links relavant to this page (especially on East Timor which is a little sparse as yet) please drop me an email: Contents . Bosnia . Bosnia and the West . Bosnian Voices . The Tuzla Massacre .

Canned Lies: Kusturica's Underground
Canned Lies . Belgrade has rolled out the red carpet for a new epic film. Its world premiere was attended by the Serbian secret police chief, flanked by celebrated war criminal 'Arkan' (the Rambo of the Balkans).

BOMBS AWAY - Has the West found its Soul?
No, says Lee Bryant: . Bill Clinton's embattled administration has launched next year's election campaign with a firework display - not in Washington but in Bosnia. The recent offensive, involving combined diplomatic, military efforts.

Story of the week
The European Journalism Page . Breaking Stories . Last updated on September 3 . The Northern Ireland peace process (September 17 1995) . The war in Bosnia and Croatia (September 3 1995) . Internet growth in Europe (July 30 1995) .

A CALL FOR AN INGATHERING OF BOSNIAN MANUSCRIPTS . On 17 May 1992 the Oriental Institute (Orijentalni institut) in Sarajevo, home to one of Europe's most important collection of Islamic and Jewish manuscripts, was attacked by Serb nationalists.


-Hercegovina!! . visitants d'aquesta pagina . Amb aquestes pagines pretenem posar a l'abast els diversos recursos que ens ofereix la Internet per accedir directament a les fonts de les informacions, participar en uns espai public de debat i ...


Forman Estado bosnio
SARAJEVO (REUTER/AFP/EFE).- Las facciones combatientes en Bosnia dieron ayer otro paso hacia la paz, al acordar principios constitucionales orientados a una solucion de la guerra en las conversaciones auspiciadas por Estados Unidos en la ONU. . ...

Bosnia; More than meets the Eye
This is an FHW editorial. First publication rights for this editorial may be obtained upon payment of a fee. Please feel free to comment by email, stating the number and date of the editorial you are commenting upon. . Bosnia; More than meets ...

In The Moment with Ariel & Shya Kane - World Events
|Home |In The Moment Articles |Schedule of events |Contacting the Kanes| . Question: . Dear Ariel and Shya, . I have been thinking and worrying about the horrible things happeining in Bosnia/Yugaslavia. How can one be a "free spirit"

Beslagic Selim
Presidente del Unione dei socialdemocratici bosniaci e Sindaco di Tuzla . Compagne e compagni, egregi amici, sono particolarmente onorato di avere la possibilita di parlare oggi davanti a questa prestigiosa platea. I membri dellUnione dei ...

YPN: No More Ceasefire
Ceasefire Ceases, and War Returns to Croatia . Monday marked the end of the four-month ceasefire to ethnic war in the former Yugoslavian Republic, and no sooner did the ceasefire end than violence began anew.

MCC Ships, Airlifts Supplies to Bosnia War Victims
"The needs are great, and many people are desperate" . EPHRATA, Pa. -- On July 27, some eight Amish volunteers gathered at the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Material Resource Center here to pack a 20-foot shipping container of food.

The Former Yugoslavia
News Service . AID FROM WINNIPEG SCHOOL CHILDREN ON WAY TO BOSNIA (95-08-24) . School supplies collected for children in the former Yugoslavia by Winnipeg elementary school students are finally on their way to that conflict-torn country ...

NEWS AND ANALYSIS DIGEST . Special Issue . VOL 2 July 1, 1995. . IN THIS ISSUE: . CURRENT EVENTS IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINa . The foreign policy commentator of the Podgorica weekly "Monitor", Vladimir Jovanovic.

NEWS AND ANALYSIS DIGEST . Supplement . ISSUE 12 VOL 2 MAY 31, 1995. . Current Developments in Bosnia - Opinions in Serbia . One of the key commentators of the independent Belgrade daily "Nasa Borba", Djoko Kesic

BALKAN MEDIA POLICY MONITOR . News and Analysis Digest . special Issue - number 3 . August 25, 1995. . Quite a number of independent and other relevant journals discussed and analyzed during the summer period the possibilities for ...

NEWS AND ANALYSIS DIGEST . ISSUE 15/16 July 31, 1995. . IN THIS ISSUE: . Situation in Bosnia Croatia . Frano Cetinic Petris discusses in the June 12, issue of Split weekly "Feral Tribune".

These pages attempt to give an overview of activities in Europe for the benefit of, and information resources on the Internet about Bosnia and Herzegovina . Bosnia and Herzegovina Info - Local documents . Deutsch . Espanol . Francais . Nederlands .

xs4all - TV
These pages attempt to give an overview of activities in Europe for, and information resources on the Internet about Bosnia and Herzegovina . Bosnia and Herzegovina in Radio & TV Newscasts . ARD Tagesschau . NOS 6 Uur Journaal .

Europe for Bosnia
Campaign . We, citizens of the diverse states of the world, . DEMAND, IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE'S DIGNITY: . That the government of Serbia and Montenegro stops immediately supporting the policy of genocide and ethnic purification of BiH.

The war in Bosnia index(September 27, 1995 09:36 AM)
The war in Bosnia index . Stories . Latest story . Main points of Bosnian constitutional principles . Dole, other GOP Senators question troop commitment . Muslims, Serbs exchange prisoners . Timeline of events . Who's who in the conflict .

Survey . The civil war in Bosnia has dragged on for more than three years and cost tens of thousands of lives and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. We want to hear your views. We'll compile your responses, and post the results here..

Bosnia HomePage at Caltech, mirror
"[The young boy] wasn't killed by surprise, by a shell. He was sought out by a Serb sniper who waited, got him into his telescopic sights, looked at his face and then pulled the trigger. Then the same sniper shot [his] mother in the stomach..

Bosnia On-Line
In Helsinki, Finland there was a BOSNIA ON-LINE internet happening on 31.8.1995 at 15-19 GMT. As a part of the annual Night of the Arts celebrations in the heart of Helsinki, the Senate Square, there were computer terminals reserved for the communication with Bosnia.

Eridian's Cyberworld
World of mystery . UFOs . Science Fiction . Weird Stuff . Music in Cyberspace . Bands . Magazines and e-zines . Miscellaneous . Music Sites . Record Companies . Singers . Rock Music in Finland . The Finnish Rock Band 'Kadotetut

BVF Introduction
Map of Bosnia and nearby region . With its six hundred miles of coastline and scores of accessible islands, former Yugoslavia has much of the appeal of an undiscovered Greece. Certainly it's an inexpensive place to visit.

Further Resources on Bosnia
We often get asked "how can I help the situation in Bosnia"? The following resources have been developed with that question in mind. . CNN pages about Bosnia are slickly informative. Includes movies, photos, text, chronology etc.

The Bosnian Virtual Fieldtrip
We cannot go to Bosnia . Yet what do we know about it? . We can go to Bosnia . UNIS Twin Towers (nicknamed "Momo & Uzeir" for Serbs and Muslims) on Marijin Dvor, Sarajevo. . The Bosnian Virtual Fieldtrip is a project to "take" you to Bosnia.

Bosnia ????. . Nature and Structure of Government: . Membership in Other Organizations: . CIA World Fact Book, 1994 entry . U.S. Army Area Handbook . U.S. State Department Human Rights Reports: . 1993 . 1994 . U.S. State Department ...

FCO - Britain and the conflict in Bosnia-Hercegovina
Britain and the conflict in Bosnia-Hercegovina . Britain is currently the largest contributor of troops in Bosnia; additionally, some 25 per cent of all aid convoys to the region have been from the United Kingdom.

UN involvement in Bosnia, an on-line poll. . Is there a place or a role for effective political discussion on the internet? . John Major's speech at the International Meeting on Bosnia, Lancaster House, London, 21 July 1995. . WEB SITES . ...

Call for military intervention in Bosnia
Legal stuff about pictures.... . For years now, the governments of the world have sat by as the nation of Bosnia has been the victim of "ethnic cleansing". As the United Nations continues to threaten the Serbian forces and yet takes no action.

The war in Bosnia
GRIEVING FAMILY: The family of Robert Frasure, from left wife Katherine, daughter Virginia, 15, and daughter Sarah, 16, take part in a ceremony Monday at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland where the body of Frasure, a deputy assistant secretary ...

Breaking News from NPR
Bosnia: . "We have to continue to pursue a strategy of diplomacy and keeping people alive and minimizing the brutality and trying to make the peacekeeping mission work. If it fails, then we'll have to consider what our options are then."

NPR In Depth on Bosnia
Bosnia . The three and a half year struggle in Bosnia came to a turning point beginning with the Serbian bombing of the Sarajevo marketplace on the 28th of August. Unprecedented action by the UN and NATO followed the bombing.

NPR In Depth on Bosnia
Bosnia . The three and a half year struggle in Bosnia came to a turning point beginning with the Serbian bombing of the Sarajevo marketplace on the 28th of August. Unprecedented action by the UN and NATO followed the bombing.

SAGE (Students Against Genocide) (site last updated Feb 97, contact addresses no longer valid)
Welcome to the SAGE homepage. . What is SAGE? . How to Join SAGE . Join Our Mailing List! . Other News Sources . Supporting Documents . Mail the President! . Mail Your Senators! . Mail Your Representatives! . Bosnia Related Links .

Damir's Info Page of Bosnia and Croatia
To fully appreciate this site, download Netscape1.1N now. . Welcome . These pages attempt to give an overview of information resources on the Internet . related to the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegowina and Republic of Croatia.

Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
To fully appreciate this site, download Netscape1.1N now. . This page is under construction, soon here will be some more information, please be patient ... . From now on is Text version of this page avaliable.

John Birch Society's
dozen good reasons to bring "our" troops home from Bosnia.

Bosnia Maps
The Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection . The University of Texas at Austin . The Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection holds more than 230,000 maps covering every area of the world. Many items in the collection are listed in UTCAT , ...

Yahoo - News:International:Bosnia
[ Yahoo | Write Us | Add URL | Search | Info ] . News:International:Bosnia . Ljiljan . Picture Projects - dedicated to documentary photography. Currently featuring the Bosnia photos of Magnum photographer Gilles Peress.

Yahoo - News:International:Bosnia
News:International:Bosnia . Ljiljan . Picture Projects - dedicated to documentary photography. Currently featuring the Bosnia photos of Magnum photographer Gilles Peress. . . Copyright (c) 1994-95 Yahoo, All Rights reserved.

Yahoo - Regional:Countries:Bosnia
[ Yahoo | Write Us | Add URL | Search | Info ] . Regional:Countries:Bosnia . Balkan Conflict [CNN] . Bosnia - Information on Bosnia-Herzegovina and the on-going tragedy. Includes images, help info, press releases, links and more.

Yahoo - Regional:Countries:Bosnia
Regional:Countries:Bosnia . Balkan Conflict [CNN] . Bosnia - Information on Bosnia-Herzegovina and the on-going tragedy. Includes images, help info, press releases, links and more. . Bosnia Help Page.

LW Topic: Politics of the Post-Yugoslav Wars. Explanations.
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