Kind of a resume

  1. I am from former Yugoslavia.
  2. There I co-produced a radio-program that included news, rock music and opinions that annoyed the sacred cows in the communist party, so, they kicked me out, took my passport away and did other nasty, unprintable things to me. Click here for a real audiosample.
  3. Capitalizing on country's pre-war disarray, I managed to come here on a college exchange and I, of course, did not go back. Instead I got myself a low-stress slack job as a lifeguard, personal trainer and, most recently - a snowboard instructor .
  4. Meanwhile, Yugoslavia vanished, and now I am from Croatia, I suppose, although one may never be sure with those countries.

In six years I am here, I did other diverse things, too:

  • weekly FM radio show in Croatian language for the Croatian community in metropolitan area - click here for a real audio sample.
  • interviews (for my show or for overseas TV, or print media) with various people like (Joey Ramone, Krist Novoselic, J.P.Barlow and, most recently, Mark Abene aka Phiber Optik)
  • I did two video projects that was cablecasted by Manhattan Neighborhood Network (public access)
  • I bought a computer and taught myself how to use dos and windows based programs and how to navigate the net and the web (I, also, saved a lot of weird ideas on my hard drive marked for future use).
  • I've been active in peace projects and benefits for the victims of war in Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina
  • I passed the exam for international broadcaster position with VOA
  • I attended journalism classes at Columbia University
  • I acquired the S-3 commodities futures trading license (I know that this sounds particularly weird, but I really wanted to see the innards of capitalism)
  • I traveled by car across the U.S. and across the West Coast
  • ...and, that being my source of income I spent a lot of time in the gym and in the pool

  • The political police confiscated my passport in November1985 and my typewriter in February 1986, when I was also banned from my radio station and blacklisted as a journalist in Yugoslav republic of Croatia.
  • I covered environmental issues (I also received a Federal award for the show about the Cement Factory, which was closed four years after the show due to environmental reasons), social issues (strikes, labour disputes), human rights (political prisoners) and defense policy (overblown army).
  • Besides that, I did several promotional spectacles (like "stealing" a million dollar vase out of the "bestguarded" Yugoslav museum).
  • Later I worked on networking between alternative media in former Yugoslavia, and wrote for Slovenian newspaper Mladina.
  • Mine work was also the first published interview with somebody who was once in prison because of Croatian nationalism (Ivan Zvonimir Cicak for Omladinska Iskra in March 1989), approximately a year before the nationalists grabbed power in Croatia.


January 1990 - present: in the United States

1983-1990: in former Yugoslavia

  • since 1983 involved in Slovenian peace movement initiative: People for Peace Culture. For a long period of time the only non-Slovenian involved in the group.
  • since 1985 one of the co-founders of Svarun, the peacenik and environmentalist group established in Zagreb, Croatia. This group now is the Anti-War Campaign Croatia.
  • researched and wrote articles and produced radio programs on human rights issues, environmentalism and anti-military movements for early opposition publications in Yugoslavia, including Mladina, Radio Student, Omladinska Iskra, Radio 101, Walter, Fokus, Ritam Srca, Tribuna, Stav, Non, Polet, Studentski List.
  • did researches and surveys, on overall level of environmental consciousness, on demise of the student movement and on impact of the alternative movements on students in Yugoslavia. For survey on air- pollution by cement factory I received federal award for protection of environment.


Video production

summer 1993
summer 1995
received a grant from ManhattanNeighbourhood Network to produce a 30 minutes documentary on a specific housing problems in EastHarlem (aired in March 1996): sample clip.
produced 60 minutes on the impact of the war in the Balkans on theimmigrant community here (aired in winter 1993)
co-produced several independent video projects (squatter riots,Halloween 1991, New York Nightlife with photographer Stephan Lupino)
organized and produced video projects in Zagreb, Croatia ("silent"demonstrations, candid camera investigation of homophobia)


My articles on various aspects of the war inBosnia and Croatia were published by the Shadow, Love & Rage, Prophane Existence, Flipside magazine and by the HighTimes
I hosted an ethnic weekly radio show in Croatianlanguage at WNYE (later at WNWK) and I co-produced several specials and co-hosted shows on the Balkans forWBAI
I correspond with independent media in Croatiaand Slovenia (I did tv interviews with Joey Ramone of Ramones, Krist Novoselic of Nirvana, global cybercowboy John Perry Barlow and computer hacker Mark Abene)
I worked as a radio and print journalist in formerYugoslavia (environmental, social issues)

Internet, Software, Hardware & Stuff

PC, DOS, Windows, WordPerfect, Lotus 123, FoxPro, Corel, Telnet, Ftp,Gopher, Netscape, Html and soon-to-be Perl literate; done conference moderating and webdesign

I worked for Compugraphia on Tele.comm on-line magazine and for Virtual Shopping Network, and as an Internet researcher and web designer for award-winning documentary on rape in Bosnia Calling The Ghosts, and, of course, I put together the Balkans Pages.

Other jobs and interests


ivo skoric


Internet (alternate)

telephone/fax: 212.369.9197address: P.O.Box 46      New York NY 10029


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