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December 2002

NUSRETA FUND Nusreta Sivac, the judge featured in Calling The Ghosts [view one hour documentary], who continues to this very day to testify at the ICTY, is forced to buy her apartment back from the very powers that first expelled her. Raccoon helps her in that.

NYCLU update Check Project Nada for the NYCLU update on the new threat to Muslim citizens, immigrants and visitors in the U.S.

November 2002

November 7 Starting from November 7, Raccoon is continuing the movie series presentations in RACCOON SPACE. Other than just classics of pre-conflict Yugoslavia, the selection will include current cinema productions from all corners of the region as well as some interesting documentaries depicting events of the past decade.

November 14 Raccoon presentation at the UN NGO/Mental Health-Workgroup for refugees, migrants and victims of torture conference at 2 pm.

November 23 Roundtable with Bogdan Denitch: Democratization - the rise of the nationalist parties and prospects in former Yugoslav states, 6:30 pm: nationalist parties are on offensive amidst attempts on denazification in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia; Bogdan Denitch is Professor Emeritus of Graduate Program in Sociology at CUNY Grad School, President ToDa (Center for Transitions to democracy in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia), and President of the "Socialist Scholars Conference in New York"
Democracy Watch:
Following organizations provide independent elections monitoring in the emerging post-Yugoslav societies:

October 2002

October 12 2 PM, Meeting of Raccoon Team.

September 2002

September 26 Raccoon on ABC's Nightline. The Nightline will air an UpClose piece on Raccoon's board of director's Selma Subasic's story from her war time Tuzla.

September 11 On the tenth anniversary of massacres in Srebrenica, that had turned the tide of international response to the war in Bosnia, Republika Srpska police turned away a bus with Bosnian Television crew from Sarajevo and a bus with women peace activists from Belgrade's Women In Black movement on their way to Srebrenica. With the help of Sarajevo based women organizations this rememberance will be repeated, this time in Sarajevo, on the sad anniversary of the September 11 tragedy. Raccoon contributed to that happening. "There were 9,000 soldiers killed in Srebrenica in the eyes of the U.N. soldiers, who were supposed to protect them. But they didn't do shit. It's like watching those airplanes bang into the World Trade Center and not trying to save those people." - Danis Tanovic, Academy Award winner, Directors World, March 25, 2002

September 14 Saturday, 4:00-8:00pm: talk about WORK OPPORTUNITIES for people from the Balkans who lost their jobs and about changes in their IMMIGRANTS RIGHTS and about other kind of needs due to September 11 tragedy.

September 16 Are you interested to learn our language? Come to the RACCOON space on September 16th at 6.30 pm to talk about this unique opportunity that Raccoon will offer this fall: language classes. Register for classes here.
Recommended reading: Thomas F. Magner, "Introduction to the Croatian and Serbian Language." (1996 ed, Penn State Univ. Press), $25,

August 2002

August 21 The Federation of Italian American Organizations of Queens, Inc. and RACCOON, INC at Athens Square Park, 30th St. & 30th Ave., Astoria, NY (subway N to 30th Avenue), from 7:30pm - 8:30pm present: music show with Alp Disiacik - saz, vocals; Adam Good - oud; Bridget Robbins - ney; Timothy Quigley - percussion. You will also learn about RACCOON project plans and work of RACCOON theater group.

August 8, 6 pm Repetition of the July 19th Open House for Ethnic Media and Community Leaders. ALL INVITED. Hopefully, there won't be a thunderstorm this time. Report from Srebrenica by Indira Kajosevic. Q&A session about Project Nada and implications of post-9/11 America on the life of immigrants. Screening of French documentary in Bosnian language with English subtitles: Que Vivent Les Femmes (That the Women Live) by Laurent Becue Bernard - a chronicle of three young women survival of war in Bosnia.

July 2002

THE BALKAN THEATER GROUP READY TO ROAR AGAIN! We are pleased to announce that The Balkan Theater Group will be meeting again, this time with the goal of creating our own play.

July 19, 6 pm Open House for Ethnic Media and Community Leaders. ALL INVITED. Report from Srebrenica by Indira Kajosevic. Q&A session about Project Nada.

June 2002

June 28, 6:30 pm For the closure of 2002 Human Rights Watch Film Festival Raccoon presents two Emmy Awards winning, Nestor Almendros Human Rights Award winning documentary Calling The Ghosts, by Mandy Jacobson, preceded by short documentary by Mark Landsman, Letters From Peje. Following the screening, marking a year of Slobodan Milosevic's transfer the The Hague, there will be a discussion with directors joined by Fred Abrahams, fresh from The Hague, where he testified against Slobodan Milosevic at the ICTY (he used to write reports about Kosovo for Human Rights Watch) and Thomas Keenan, the facilitator of Justwatch. Raccoon will serve refreshments and hors d'ouvres.

June 7, 7 pm Screening of documentary about the war in Kosovo: Women, the Forgotten Face of War by Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir, Rockefeller Media Arts Fellows. Conversation with directors after the screening.
Filmed in Albanian language with English subtitles.
Rave party at 10 pm.

Women of Podrinje, Sarajlic Zejneba and Avramovic Stanojka, winners of the award Voice of Courage, in Raccoon's Space with Indira Kajosevic and Dusanka Miscevic: click for picture.

May 2002

25 Memorial Day: remembering 1995 Tuzla massacre, remembering Dan Mladosti. Screening of the Academy Award Winning film No Man's Land by Bosnian film director Denis Tanovic. Courtesy of BATV-NY. Starts at 7 pm.
Film is in Bosnian with no English subtitles.

Introducing Project Nada: reaching out to those in our community who were affected by the September 11th tragedy.

April 2002

no special events this month

March 2002

The Web Site of the Month:
The Collapse of Tito's Yugoslavia: A parallel interview (Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty) with three respected historians -- Latinka Perovic from Belgrade, FRY; Ivo Banac from Dubrovnik, Croatia; and Dubravko Lovrenovic from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina -- on the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, its wars, and the new states that have emerged from Tito's Yugoslavia.
[All pieces in RealVideo format streaming at 45k and lasting approximately 50 minutes each.]

February 2002

No special events. Refer to our weekly schedule for regular programs. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates and the movie selection.

January 2002

8 The Goddess workshop with the Interfaith Minister and Poet Ms. Eileen Mahood-Jose will take place in the RACCOON Space on the first Tuesday of each month, from 7 until 9 p.m. The first workshop will take place on January 8th, 2002.

16 Based on a true story, "Balkanized at Sunrise" follows the 1997 misadventures of Joe Tripician, an American EMMY-award winning producer and science-fiction writer hired by Croatian government to pen the biography of Franjo Tudjman, Croatia's then President (draft version title: "In Tito's Shadow").
See Joe navigate between toadying government aides, lying politicians, harassed dissident journalists, and Croatian and Bosnian women looking for a quick visa in this fascinating political, moral, and sexual exposť. Starts at 7 pm
Joe Tripician is the president of digital media company iStream TV. He is also the author of "The Official Alien Abductee's Handbook" (Andrews and McMeel $7.95) - a book about UFOs with a sense of humor. It's the perfect antidote to "Making Contact." Any book with a parody song called "Abductee in the U.S.A.," to the tune of the Sex Pistols' classic "Anarchy in the U.K." scores big points. Check here for the event report.

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