The second largest city in Bosnia and a home of American troops in Bosnia. Currently it houses more refugees than it's own citizens. Thanks to fortunate geography it did not undergo the destruction like Sarajevo, but it was also a target of vicious, unexpected, hideous attacks ->(like when a shell killed 71 teenager on May 25, 1995, the day celebrated in former Yugoslavia as Tito's birthday and a Day of Youth)<-. In October Helsinki Citizens Assembly held a meeting in Tuzla.

Peter GalbraithPeter Galbraith, the U.S. ambassador in Croatia, gave an impromptu speech at that meeting. Tuzla was one of the ZTN hubs during the war. For more information about Tuzla go check out the TUZLA WWWBOARD. Recently an elementary school from Freiburg, Germany - Weiherhof-Grudnschule - established a partnership with an elementary school in Tuzla (Simin Han, Pozarnica): check it out. And also visit the Center for Culture of Peace and Non-Violence, partnership between Tuzla and Osijek.