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The idea was to create a community space for post-Yugoslavs willing to participate in programs that reach across ethnic lines. Children from recent immigrants that came from Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia and other formerly Yugoslav teritorries with more or less common language are now confined to their ethnically defined community space. There was a desire expressed by some of their parents, attending the Balkan Dialogue Group, to establish a space where they can play and learn together regardless of their ethno-religious background. Raccoon adressed that need in hope to build a cross-ethnic community among recent immigrants from the post-Yugoslav societies, in accordance with its mission. Two years ago, we were fiscal sponsors to the benefit organized for The Croatian Down's Syndrome Association in winter 1999 to help children with Down's Syndrome in Croatia. Through discussions we decided to open The Space to all children of post-Yugoslav societies regardless of age. We received a grant from The New York Foundation for this project. Here is our location, map and driving directions).

The Space is opened since March 25, 2001 (check out pictures from the opening party: 1, 2). Check here for ongoing programs and events. Here is the history of our events from most current to the earliest ones. To track our progress, please, bookmark this page!

map and driving directions
Mailing address: RACCOON, Inc., PO Box 20554, New York, NY 10021
Subway directions - take to Kew Gardens