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The Balkans Pages will deal with the part of the Balkans formerly known as the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. Why did the country collapse? Why was that collapse followed by the bloodiest conflict in Europe since the World War II? Why the world stood by to mass murder of civilian population and systematic rape of women? Is the war ever going to end? Will countries that emerged there from the collapse ever be able to live together in peace? Is the UN or NATO assisted "ethnic cleansing" the only humane way to peace?
The Balkans Pages cannot be accessed via www.igc.org/balkans/ any more, because they do not reside there any more. We are thankful to Institute for Global Communications for seven years of free hosting and wish them good surf in the future. Please remember to access our pages at balkansnet.org

The History of Zamir Transnational Net Bosnia made the war a part of everyone's life. Take a look at the latest development at the War Crimes Tribunal, some old breaking story or the issues menu. People(large graphics) who are highly similar to "us" in their appearance, culture and lifestyles are daily delivered massacred and disemboweled to our homes at the dinner time. Is this causing us indigestion at least? Is this going to end the world as we know it? Will we ever be the same again?

The Balkans Pages will try to provide an index of resources where you can hope to find some answers on those questions. Take your time to visit some of the home pages authored by Bosnians, Macedonians, Slovenes, Croats and Serbs. Whether they wanted to prove their nation's advanced techno-culture, or they wanted to re-create their lost country or re-build their torn home in the cyber reality of the Web, those authors did a marvelous job.
Democracy Watch:
Following organizations provide independent elections monitoring in the emerging post-Yugoslav societies:
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Listen to live program of alternative radio stations in Zagreb (Radio 101) and Belgrade (Radio B92): Radio 101



Daily updated calendar of events related to countries that emerged from Yugoslavia and news digests from the region hosted by XS4ALL. Providing streaming video from ICTY and Independent radio stations from the region on-line. Partner site.

Search is a search engine to get you quickly around these pages; Warzone is an information page about the Zamir Transnational Net, a network that connected peace and human rights activists from various parts of former Yugoslavia; between 1992 and 1996 this was also a place for direct connection to Zamir Transnational Net via Sarajevo Pipeline, which meant you could exchange messages with places like let's say Tuzla, even during a blackout there; Chat is a new and entirely different post-Yugoslav chat room; News is a resource list of Usenet and APC newsgroups, conferences and mailing lists regarding former Yugoslavia; Web Resources provide a large listings of urls for web, gopher and ftp sites in and around former Yugoslavia that talk about the Balkans: it is both issue and country oriented; Map is clickable map of the entire area of former Yugoslavia that provides links to npn-governmental organizations there and information about new countries; Media features links to the big corporate media like CNN. Independent media resources is a link to the best journalism in the region. Women is a link to Women in Black, women's movement for peace in former Yugoslavia, Israel and around the world. On this site you can also check the story of the war in Kosovo and the story of the fall of Milosevic, the background information on the war and the role that Internet played in this war, as well as the journal I kept in the first years of the war. Credit for the picture from the previous page: 1991 Christopher Morris, Black Star for Time; Vukovar, Croatia, August 1991. A woman grieves at the funeral of her husband, a Croatian policeman killed during an ambush by YNA forces. The entire photograph (here only the mid portion is used) was a part of the TIME-LIFE Faces of Sorrow: Agony in the Former Yugoslavia exhibition at the UN.

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