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Community Space Discussion List The Balkans Pages Cyber-Yugo
Project Nada Women In Black Snowboard Peace Camp News, Updates and Job Opportunities
Project Nada Women In Black Snowboard Peace Camp News, Updates, Job Opportunities
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The Car Called Yugo
Click here for the Cyber-Yugo Story and more photos.

Yugo dashboard Cyber-Yugo goal is to bring this message to as many people as possible via world wide web, internet radio, and the museum/other spaces exhibition of the actual Yugo vehicle, fitted with appropriate computer hardware/software. Cyber-Yugo puts you in the driver's seat of the events that unfolded over the past decade in the region formerly known as the SFRY. With parts for them having been produced in all regions of the former country, Yugo cars are as symbolic of the strength of the unified market among the republics of former Yugoslavia, as they are, through the cesation of their production - due to break-up of economic relations between republics, symbolic of the failure of the post-Titoist political structures to preserve that market. Yugo cars are at the same time a symbol of the ultimate success of the post-war communist Yugoslavia, and the symbol of its ultimate failure. In that respect a Yugo car is the perfect vehicle to be used to re-visit the memory of what once used to be called the SFRY (Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia). The Cyber-Yugo project was talked about on The World, a co-production of BBC World Service Public Radio International and WGBH Boston (mp3 file of the show).

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