Sasha Petrovic 1970-1993

Sasha Petrovic

Sasha grew up at Alipasino, and as many of his friends from the same neighborhood - when the war started - he joined Yuka's Green Beret units in defending Sarajevo, rather than HVO (which, as an ethnic Croat, he could). He took a bullet in the head on August, 13 1993 on Igman mountain, during the infamous Serb offensive on Igman and Bjelasnica. At that time, already exhausted with the direction of the obstinate Bosnian war, he died a hero of the Sarajevo's frontline and a member of the special forces unit of Sarajevo's police department, Lasta (Swallow). After his death he was issued the highest police decoration in Bosnia (Golden Badge). Every year on the day of his death, his father, Miro, organizes some event: last year it was a soccer tournament, this year it was a concert and film presentation. Miro doesn't want Sarajevo to forget his Sasha and other young men who gave their lives to save the city.

The pictures for this page are submitted by a loyal Sasha's friend Adnan Rudanovic (left in the picture with Sasha) who will gladly share the story with you, if you e-mail him. You can also call his parents: 011 387 71 210 448.