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December 2004

December 10 Group Art Exhibition at Raccoon Space. Opened from December 10-30. Opening reception: Thursday, December 10, 6-9 pm
Contributing artists:
Saso Talevski: "Three East European Artists After NY Beauty Salon", Photo installation
OPA&HA (Obsessive Possessive Aggression & Chronically Arogance):
"Reality Macedonia", video mockumentary, 15 min
Vesna Dunimagloska:
"Reprezent", video, time TBA
"Device", Video mockumentary, 32 min.

December 15 Health care for legal and illegal immigrants in the U.S.; workshop in cooperation with the New York Immigration Coalition, 6-7:30 PM. Please r.s.v.p. to Zana or Indira at 718.784.9121.

December 18 Xmass Children Cross-Cultural Workshop, 11 am

November 2004

November 3 Relationship Workshops from Cross Cultural Perspective: Wealthy Relationship. Wealthy Relationship teaches us how to reach true wealth in our lives through building solid financial stability in our relationship. Specifically, how to reach debt free relationship/marriage.

November 5 Photo Exhibition by: Mario Novak Opening reception: November 5, 2004 (6-9 pm), Closes November 28

November 6 Poetry Reading: Anja Mutic has totally won over our audience at Raccoon Space in November 2003. We were happy to invite her again this year to read her new poems entitled A Journey - Continued; 7 pm.

November 11 A Normal Life documentary film, Q&A: Hugo Berkeley and Elizabeth Chai, 7 pm

November 14 You are cordially invited to a Benefit for Reconciliation and Culture Cooperative Network (RACCOON) to be held on Sunday, November 14th in Manhattan from 7-9pm at the Pioneer Theater (155 East 3rd Street at Ave. A), Manhattan, then from 9-11pm at Two Boots (37 Ave. A).
Come and enjoy the one women-show "I Miss Communism,", screening of a film about burek " Not So Humble Pie", live music by Hungry March Band, and fun people.
Get a $40 tax-deductible ticket to support RACCOON Space in New York City by calling at 718.784.9121. You or your company can serve as a sponsor by placing an advertisement in the event journal book.
Click here to visit Evite for more information about the event and also to RSVP.

November 20 Children Cross-Cultural Workshop, 11 am

October 2004

October 8 Art Exhibition "Mundane Landscapes" by Stephanie Damoff; Opening Reception Friday Oct. 8 (6-9pm); OPEN STUDIOS Oct. 23-24,2004 (1-6 pm); exhibition closes October 30.

October 10 Croatian-American writer Josip Novakovic will present his latest novel April Fool's Day at Raccoon Space at 3 pm.

October 14 Crucible of War documentary film, Q&A: Leon Gerskovic and Erica Ginsberg, 7 pm

October 16 Children Workshop, 11 am

October 20 Relationship Workshops from Cross Cultural Perspective: Joyful Relationship. Joyful Relationship will introduce Imago Therapy concept of "unconscious marriage/relationship" filled with unresolved old emotional wounds. We will discuss how a "conscious marriage/relationship" that heals those wounds can be reached.

October 23 Food Memories

October 27 Relationship Workshops from Cross Cultural Perspective: Passionate Relationship. Passionate Relationship resolves the most common sexual problem in long term relationships - lack of desire/passion.


September 2004

September 4 Art Exhibition Opening "CITY LIFE", by Aleksandar Milenkovic, 7 pm; (open until September 30)

September 10 Third Raccoon's Newsletter is out.

September 11 Women's Dance Therapy Group: Healing Dance, Facilitator: Nada Khodlova, Special Extended Introductory Workshop: Sept. 11 (11am-1pm) Free!

September 14 Two reporters from Kanal 5 (Channel 5) from Skopje, Macedonia, journalist, Vlad Mirceski and cameraman, Dejan Milosevski, looking at "local governments" in the U.S. during their two week trip across America, organized by U.S. Department of State, will stop at Raccoon Space for a chat with Macedonian or former Yugoslav residents of New York city; 6 PM

September 16 7 pm; Workshop on Voting Rights for Immigrant New Yorkers. Join facilitator Michele Wucker, co-director of the Immigrant Voting Project, and members of the New York Coalition to Expand Voting Rights to talk about what the move, to restore immigrant voting rights - rights that were widespread in the United States for the first 150 years of our history - in New York elections, means for you and your community. Today, permanent residents are paying taxes and fighting and dying for the United States as soldiers in Iraq while lacking a voice in local government. A bill that would allow thousands of immigrants to vote in local elections in Washington, D.C., has gained the support of City Council members.

September 18 Children Workshop, 11 am

September 21 Women's Group, 6 pm

September 28 Raccoon's House Party from 6 to 9:30pm at Zana's place.
RSVP: 718.784.912
Magic Raffle by Igor Mitrovic

August 2004

No programs at the community space are scheduled for August.


Saturdays, 10 AM Every Saturday morning at Astoria Park's 15 tennis courts Fedja Krivosic and Dominko Blazevic invite you to join them for match sparring, guidance, and instruction. Dominko plays in New York city league (level 4). Participants need to bring their own racket, balls, and tennis permit for city parks.

Sundays, 6 PM Every Sunday afternoon a group of Hunter students from former Yugoslavia and their friends meet for a mean game of soccer at Astoria Park. To join, contact Amir Bekic.

August 3 We are pleased to host a bridal shower for Selma Subasic, RACCOON'S Board member.
Women only are invited to come and celebrate this joyous occasion with Selma.
rsvp 718.784.9121
No gifts. Please write a check to RACCOON.

July 2004

July 1 Film evening, 7 pm

Stacy Sullivan answers to John Kraljic of NFCA July 7 At 7 pm, Stacy Sullivan will present her book, "Be Not Afraid for You Have Sons in America: How a Brooklyn Roofer Helped Lure the U.S. into the Kosovo War". This book breaks new ground in its telling of a little known side of the Kosovo story full of relevance to America's military activities today. Some of you may know Stacy Sullivan through her writing on the Balkans for Newsweek, the New York Times and other publications.
Click here for a radio interview between Stacy Sullivan and Florim Krasniqi for The World

Calic and Rastoder July 9 Community meeting with Branislav Calic, President and Serbo Rastoder, Member of The Radio and Television of Montenegro Council, Podgorica, SCG, brought to us by International Visitor Program. Topic: The Role of Public Broadcasting. Time: 6 pm.
This visit comes a little past the anniversary since Montenegro Broadcasting Council suspended live televised broadcasts of the Montenegrin parliamentary sessions, and since, as a consequence, the opposition leaders walked out of the chamber, insisting the government had put pressure on the Montenegro Broadcasting Council to stop the broadcasts. The opposition argued that this damaged their interests, as the public had lost the most important channel for hearing criticism of government policies. They have not returned to the parliament since.

Ines Wurth July 22 One woman show "I Miss Communism" by Ines Wurth, LA based Zagreb actress, 7 pm.

June 2004

June 3
Film evening, 7 pm

June 4 - July 2, 2004 GROUP ART EXHIBITION by artists from Former Yugoslavia, currently living in US. This event will be a part of a larger OPEN STUDIOS event. Artists interested to perticipare call Tea)

June 5 CYBERYUGO presentation by Mario Vuksan, 4 pm.

June 17 Film evening, 7 pm

Deadline to register for voting in BiH: June 17, 2004. You may pick up the registration form at Raccoon Space.

ART FORUM: Artists from former Yugoslavia coming together and discussing on theme Art and Migration June 18 ART FORUM: Artists from former Yugoslavia coming together and discussing on theme "Art and Migration"; co-facilitated by Mirko Ilić and Peter Walsh; 7 pm.

June 19 Father's Day Children Workshop, 11 am.

June 30 Women's Group: This meeting will gather a group of women including recent graduates, women working on their degree, and all others who are looking for more meaning in their work lives. We will share experiences with women who have been there and done it who have already achieved parts of their dreams; 6 pm; by Indira Kajosevic

May 2004

Meeting of Mental Health Workers from Former Yugoslavia, May 7, 2004 May 7 Raccoon's Program Nada invites you to the first Forum of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Workers working with exiled former Yugoslav communities in New York metropolitan area, which is to take place on Friday, May 7th, 2004, from 5 pm to 7pm, at Raccoon Space. List of participants.

May 8-30, 2004 Art exhibition by Iris Kulasić; Opening reception: Sat. May 8, 7 pm; Special Guest at Reception: Nirvan Pistovljević, classical guitar and singing.

May 22 Mother's Day Children Workshop, 11 am.

A documentary of youth who spent 3 weeks working with Kosovo orphans. Meet with the youth for a conflict resolution dialogue after the screening.
Do not miss this rare opportunity to see how everyone can make a difference! Screening starts at 5 PM.

April 2004

April 5 Language classes moved to Mondays at 6:30 pm; please take a note of it.

April 9-30, 2004 Art exhibition KAIROS (Lost you Somewhere) by Goran Tomcic; Opening reception: Friday, April 9 (6-9pm) (coincide with his exhibition "A Sunny Room" at the Naked Duck Gallery in Williamsburg Mar. 19 - May 2; opening March 19, 6-10 pm)

April 15 Film evenings return to Raccoon Space every second Thursday at 7 pm. Check here for schedule. Film days marked brown.

April 17 Children Workshop, 11 am.

April 17 Poetry Reading by Goran Tomcic; 6 pm.

April 24 Food Memories Pot-Luck Dinner, 6 pm

March 2004

March 1-7 Days of Bosnian culture at the UN. Click here to visit.

March 11, 2004 - April 3, 2004 Art Exhibition by: Ivan Stojakovic; Opening reception: Thursday, March 11, 2004 (6-9PM)

March 20 Children's Cross-Cultural Workshop, 11 am.

March 27 Poetry Reading: Ammiel Alcalay will read from his new book From the Warring Factions, his latest book on Srebrenica; Saturday, 6 PM.

February 2004

February 14 Valentines Children Cross-Cultural Workshop, 11 am

February 15 Mentoring Program. College students click here. Beginning 17:30 at Bosnian American Association in NYC, 2640 18th Street, Astoria (@27th Avenue).
Mentors: Selma Subasic (MS Candidate in Real Estate, Finance and Investment, New York University)), Amra Sabic (MA Candidate, Columbia University), Edita Zulic (BA in Political Science and German Studies), Azra Hromadzic (PhD Candidate in Cultural Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

Jan. 31, 2004 - Feb. 29, 2004 Art Exhibition by: Nebojsa Seric - Shoba; Opening reception: Saturday, Jan. 31, 2004 (6-9PM)

January 2004

January 2 Balkanoia Music Night, 8 pm - 11 pm

Extending Balkanoia to a Post New Years Party, by DJ Adi, 11 pm - 3 am
p.s. - there is a typo on the flyer: it is 8-3 rather than 9-5

January 3 First Food Memories event, 6pm

January 8 ZEN STORIES. Film by Milan Trenc, 7 pm.

January 9 New exhibition: Kosov@ artist (painter) Teuta Pula will be the next artist to present her work at the Space, 7 pm.

January 13 First Pillates Excersise Class, with Spela Sterle, 7 pm.

January 17 Children Cross-Cultural Workshop, 11 am

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