The last defense line of the old Yugoslav communist regime is here.

After directly or indirectly hurting cities of Vukovar, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Srebrenica, Knin, its own citizens and Kosovo, Belgrade itself became the target of bombing. With the Serbian Television transmitter destroyed, Belgrade citizens turned to Internet to send the picture of their town to the world: LIVE FROM BELGRADE!

Slobo and Marko In his rosier days, Slobodan Milosevic, president of Serbia, getting at least some of what he wanted (Greater Serbia) from the peace accord at Dayton, hugs his son Marko (who perhaps got everything of what his generation wanted: peace) on Belgrade airport upon arrival. Former and present Yugoslavian/Serbian capital

, this largest city in former Yugoslavia had its home on the net in the U.S., while Serbia was banished from the Internet by trade sanctions. Zamir Transnational Net node in Serbia presently resides in a different domain than other Zanir nodes. With lifting off the sanctions Serbian parliament gained courage to ban Soros activities, and Center for Anti-War Action evicted ZTN. Therefore, there has been a domain change from to which resides on a Serbian server. And, Belgrade got its first commercial web server BEONET [U.S. mirror], a "Terazije na Internetu". For recent updates on daily changing situation in Belgrade and in Serbia check here. Belgrade's twin city Pancevo has its home on the net here.

With the NATO attacks provoked by the war in Kosovo, Serbia once again faced the prospects of being shut-off from the Net. Clinton then decided against shutting off the sattelites, as it was evident that Internet connection to the world is of more importance to Milosevic opponents than to his supporters.

Check out The Bazar. On-line shopping for your friends and relatives in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The site is in Serbian. You can buy groceries from your home in the U.S. or Germany or anywhere else in the world, charge them to your credit card and have them delivered to your impoverished loved ones in Serbia. For about 30% mark-up, the Bazar people will wait for you in line and deal with black market salesmen, and bring the stuff you bought to your friends and/or relatives at no cost to them. Also, check out similar site Yu-4-You - from Belgrade to the world.

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