Stradun, DubrovnikThis ancient walled city withstood Ottoman Turks, Napoleon and Hitler. Yet, Milosevic's Yugoslav Army almost got it in 1991. However, in past years with 2 billion dollars facelift the favorite Adriatic coast's tourist resort was brought back to life. Dubrovnik, now a part of Croatia, was, before Napoleon, an independent republic.
Dubrovnik Warriors It's flag featured Latin word Libertas, which means "freedom". Republic of Dubrovnik was the first country to recognize independence and sovereignty of the United States of America in 18th century.
Rock and Roll High SchoollGraffiti on the wall of the high school library in Dubrovnik shelled by Serbian forces in 1991. Picture taken by a member of Foreign Press Bureau. FPB was a group of Croatian-American youth volunteers helping Croatia's public relations in the war years.
Line for waterDubrovnik citizens in 1991 waiting in line for water that was trucked in from elsewhere in Croatia, when their attackers cut off their running water supply.
Dubrovnik ShelledClick on the map to make it bigger. The map marks the places hit and damaged by Yugoslav Army artillery in 1991.
Dubrovnik 2003Stradun, Summer 2003. Tourism returned back to the city.
Dubrovnik 2003Stradun, Summer 2003, close-up
Dubrovnik at nightDubrovnik, Summer 2003, busy at night.
Dubrovnik graffitiDubrovnik, Summer 2003: "With Christ, against Communists."; 'Against' is crossed out, making it: "With Christ, the Communist.".
This is the city of Dubrovnik and its surroundings in a map of former Yugoslavia back in 1967:Dubrovnik 1967

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