ZAMIR-CHAT-LIST, 1995-2010

Zamir-chat-list is now closed. The list existed as an active discussion group on various softwares and hosts from early in the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s until after the Dayton Accords in 1995. At that putative end of conflict and instability in by-then former Yugoslavia there was still considerable interest amongst internationals in helping to promote reconciliation and reconstruction in the region. But by 1999 the succeeding countries were managing without the help of foreign activists, and the conversation in zamir-chat-list was no longer unique.

In 2008 the list was closed to further input but was maintained as an archive readable by the interested public. There was in fact no interest to speak of, and did not warrant the expense of keeping it online. The list is closed as of June 2010.

Postings prior to mid-1999 have been lost; but the archive of postings from July 1999 to August 2008 are available as raw listserv logfiles. Sharing of these logfiles is at our discretion; for more information please contact the owners

For some of Ivo Skoric's related discussions, please see his new group, zamir_chat.

Here follow the introduction and some links that appeared on the top page of zamir-chat-list.

INTRODUCTION: In zamir-chat-list we exchange ideas and information about the development of civil society in post-Yugoslavia and similar regions emerging from war, the problems and opportunities of multi-ethnic society, and the possibilities of independent communal development in the face of militarism and the exercise of power by larger nations. Our original statement of purpose, made during the wars in former Yugoslavia, is at The purpose of this list / Svrha ove liste.

LINKS (these will open in new windows):

List for the Post-Yugoslav diaspora in the New York City area: raccoon-announce list

Project by the artist Nebojša Šerić-Shoba:
Spomenik za medjunarodnoj zajednici / Monument to the International Community

Some files of interest to readers of the old zamir-chat-list: zamir-chat-list transfer pages


revised June 15 2010