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Past and Current Projects and Efforts

The Balkans Pages
For past eight years The Balkans Pages were one of the most extensive and reliable resources for the information on anything post-Yugoslav: links, newsgroups, chats, lists, maps, opinions, statistics, pictures, sounds, politics, culture and more. "Continuously updated, consistently cited, with steady number of hits weekly, the pages will continue to serve the public well into the next millenium." said the webmaster, Ivo Skoric.
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Zamir Chat
Post-Yugoslav discussion list, a heir to the Sarajevo Pipeline project which provided the communication lifeline out of the besieged city during the war, now is a place to learn and build tolerance for differing opinions about the causes and effects of the Balkan conflicts. English is the language most often used, making this list a debating place for both natives and non-natives of post-Yugoslav societies scattered around the globe. This list is an ongoing project moderated by Ed Agro.

a group dedicated to non-violence Vigil in NYC
To raise awareness in the trend-setting capital of the world, the a group dedicated to non-violence in New York city area stand their silent vigil in front of the New York Central Public Library on 42nd street and 5th avenue every Wednesday at 7:30 pm through the wars in Bosnia and in Kosovo. Raccoon acts as a fiscal sponsor for the New York part of the a group dedicated to non-violence movement. Indira Kajosevic coordinates the outreach for this project.

Auction Benefit for Kosovo
This was a special event to raise emergency funds for a group dedicated to non-violence of Belgrade and Motrat Qiriazi of Prishtin. Over $2000 was raised. For more info check here.

Bosnian Television
In early nineties, Croatian and Serbian emigre communities were quiet and well-organized, although there was not much interaction between the communities. But, with the war in Bosnia raging, there were suddenly more than 3, 000 Bosnian exiles in the City. Very few organizations were addressing their basic needs. RACCOON was planning to create a space (which we succeeded in obtaining a couple of years later) in order to get them involved in some cultural projects that relate to their own interests. First such project was BATVNY, produced and directed by Adnan Rudanovic.

In the new millenium, New York's boroughs of Queens (channel 62) and Brooklyn (channel 76, Time Warner) have the opportunity to watch Bosnian Television every Saturday at 1:30 PM EST, for a half an hour. The program is in Bosnian language. The program is also on Premium Cable in New Jersey. BATVNY broadcasts are now also available on Internet . Here is the report from the BATVNY fundraiser party in Caffe Mond, Astoria, NY on June 10, 2000. Check the 2001 New Year's party in Caffe Mond (realmedia file). This project is partially made possible with the grant from the The Lasiewicz Foundation. Since January 8, 2001, BATVNY is no longer a Raccoon project but rather an independent self-sustaining program. Please, contact them directly.

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