Ivo Skoric, Raccoon, Inc. Co-director, gives a donation to Tanja Prcic, BATV NY reporterAround 250 people gathered in Cafe Mond in Astoria, New York, on June 10, 2000 to celebrate six months of weekly TV program in Bosnian language in New York city. In relaxed atmosphere of a Bosnian owned space, with fresh music hits from the homeland and a magic show presentation by an award winning magician Igor, Bosnians of all walks of life living in New York city came together for a bash (in Bosnian: dernek). Please, check out the gallery. Around $550 was raised. This money is already applied to costs of production and cable-casting of the Bosnian Television program in New York city. Shortly after the fundraiser, Raccoon, Inc. received a grant from The Lasiewicz Foundation. Portion of that grant is designated for sustaining the BATV NY program.