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Reports: Inter-ethnic nonviolence training for Young People
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The Centre for Culture of Peace and Nonviolence is a non-profit, independent local citizens' association based in the city of Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The main aim of CCPN (or in Bosnian, CKMN) is the development of the culture of peace and nonviolence and support of the peace process, both locally and globally.

Out of a deep belief in the necessity of peacebuilding and nonviolence as the basis for community life, CCPN/CKMN engages in concrete projects for reconciliation and psychological reconstruction amongst the peoples of Bosnia and the other post-Yugoslav countries. Our method is based upon nonviolent communication and training, and empowerment of women, youth, and others disenfranchised by the culture of war, hatred, and vengeance that was visited upon the Balkans in the years 1991-1996, and which unfortunately still persists.

The idea for CCPN emerged within a small group of peace activists observing the situation and needs of the society in the course of their work during the wars in the disintegrating Yugoslavia. Supported by one local organisation, the Women's Center "Iva", CCPN held its first training program in nonviolent conflict resolution / transformation in 1997. In August 1998 we registered the organisation. Until October 1998, we worked on voluntary basis, without an office and a budget for even the most basic needs. (see "CCPN's First Years" for details) We thank from the bottom of our hearts those initial supporters who made our first year's work possible.

Now, with current support from the Ecumenical Womens Solidarity Fund of the World Council of Churches and other organizations, we have an office, equipment, and funding for some of our projects.

Tuzla, June 2002

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