Donors supporting the B&H Group at Camp Timisoara - We are very grateful to the donors whose generosity made it possible for our delegations from B&H to attend the BFE Summer Camps in Timisoara:

BFE Buffallo, NY, USA, especially Mrs. Beth Ciesielski,

Multiethnic Children and Youth Peace Centre Kosovska Mitrovica, especially Ms. Kate Wargan, Outreach Committee of Trinity Episcopal Church, Fayetteville, NY, USA, especially Mrs. Rachel Doyle,

Mrs. Paula Bennett, professor, USA,

Mr. Robert Dege, professor, USA, and

Mr. Edward Agro and Dr. William Taylor of zamir-chat-list, USA.

We are very grateful for their understanding and willingness to make the children's trips possible.

Space for Women - III (2001) and "Living Together" (2002) were supported by the WCC-Ecumenical Women's Solidarity Fund, Omis. Our special gratitude to Mrs. Carolyn Boyd, the WCC-EWSF Programme Co-ordinator, for her great understanding and confidence!

Many other groups and individuals have supported our projects since 1997. If we have not listed you here, please let us know!

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updated 16 Nov 03

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