Women in Black
drawing by Nancy Spero


http://www.acttogether.org/index.htm Act Together: Women Against Sanctions and War on Iraq

http://www.wluml.org Women Living Under Muslim Law

http://www.Codepink4peace.org Code pink

http://www.coalitionofwomen4peace.org Coalition of Women for a Just Peace

http://www.donneinnero.org Women in Black Italy

http://www.womeninblackoz.com/ - Women in Black Australia

http://www.zeneucrnom.org.yu/ -Women in Black Yugoslavia

http://www.wib-zeneucrnom-belgrade.org -Women in Black Belgrade, Yugoslavia (also in English)

http://www.camwib.org.uk/ -Women in Black Cambridge, UK

http://wib.matriz.net/ -Women in Black England and Spain site.

Canada: BC: Victoria -In support of the WIB women in Israel and around the world, we invite you to join us in a monthly silent vigil asking for an end to the Israeli
occupation of Palestine.

http://www.womenngo.org.yu/- From 1991 till now more than fifty women groups are founded in Serbia, Vojvodina and Montenegro. This web site presents you some of the activities of women's organization in these regions.

http://www.sshub.com/wib.htm - Women in Black - Canberra, Australia

http://www.neww.org/ -NEWW's mission is to empower women and girls throughout the East (Central and Eastern Europe, and NIS and the Russian Federation) and the West by dialogue, networking, campaigns, and educational and informational exchanges. NEWW supports action and joint projects inspired by feminist principles.

http://www.womeninmourningandoutrage.com -Women in mourning and outrage is a justice project created by women of color who oppose brutality, discrimination and acts of hate.

http://www.endtheoccupation.org -What is Junity? Jewish Unity for a Just Peace is an international gathering of grassroots Jewish activists who support a just, viable and lasting peace based on the principles of international law, requiring a complete end to Israel's Occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

http://www.grandmothersforpeace.org/ - Grandmothers for Peace, a non-profit organization, was formed in May of 1982 at the height of the Cold War.

http://www.madre.org/ -MADRE supports community development and training that enables women to play leadership roles in their homes, communities, countries and the international arena.

http://www.batshalom.org/ -Bat Shalom of the Jerusalem Link - feminist center for peace and social justice working with a Palestinian women's center to achieve


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Women in Black