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Puppet Project

Since Saturday March 15th until April 12th on Saturday afternoons from from 4:00-5:30pm , RACCOON will be holding a Puppet Project for children under the age of 13. Click here for a short video from our first event.
Using the story of "Peter and the Wolf", children will have the opportunity to learn the story, create puppets and masks, and at the end of the fifth workshop give their presentation of "Peter and the Wolf".
This is a great opportunity for children to learn about art, music, storytelling and to create their own puppets. Younger children will participate with age appropriate tasks. Ideally, children should attend all five sessions.
The activity will be led by Katarina Ceman and Erik Tanchorov
  1. Introduction of the story: Baba Yaga
    • Use of a story that might originate in the Balkans.
    • Thoughts about storytelling
  2. Make character puppets from found/recycled material
    • Children would bring all kinds of material
    • We would use the material available to make puppets based on characters from the story.
  3. Puppet play time
    • Guide the children in recreating the story with the puppets and allow a semi-plot to develop
  4. Create script drawn from puppet play time
    • Adults will formalize a script using themes that will be familiar to the children from the puppet play time and from the original fable
  5. Music collaborate with musician to create musical score
    • Use of traditional musical themes
  6. Performance onetime event

The whole project would include about :


For more information contact Katarina at or (718) 788-4004

map and driving directions
43-32 22nd Street, Suite (buzzer) 301 in Long Island City, between 43th and 44th Avenue
subway to 23rd Street, Ely Avenue

This project was made possible by a generous grant from The New York Foundation