LaibachLjubljana is the capital of Slovenia. Ljubljana is the city where the cultural, economical and political opposition to "Yugoslavia as we knew it" started early in eighties. Slovenia was economically most developed part of former Yugoslavia. With 10 % of Yugoslav population it produced 25 % of Yugoslav GNP. In 1988 Serbia engaged in boycotting Slovenian goods. In the same year three journalists of alternative weekly Mladina were arrested and sentenced by military court to prison for unearthing dirty military secrets of upcoming war. The picture shown here is a product of Neue Slowenische Kunst, an original movement of young artists in Slovenia, which is associated with industrial music of band Laibach (300k .wav file: the same in Real Audio). The tradition of radical challenging of public decency set by punk and NSK earlier was recently emphasized by the scandal around the band Strelnikoff. In 1991 Yugoslav Army left Slovenia after a five days war and Slovenia declared independence. One of the arrested journalists (Janez Jansa) became the secretary of defense. To learn more about Ljubljana visit itsWeb-site and a ZTN-link.

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