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Future and Desired Projects and Efforts

BalkaNacija in NYC
A syndicated radio show tapping the resources of alternative radio stations in key post-yugoslav societies: Zagreb's Radio 101, Belgrade's Radio B-92 and Sarajevo's Radio Zid. This show is to be broadcasted in NYC including the production of said radio stations, and may possibly (via Internet and RealAudio streams) air in the Balkans, as well as other areas of Europe. This project may incorporate other radio stations, as well.

Lost Tribe
Post-yugoslav artists (photographers, painters, sculptors, video producers, computer animators, etc. from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Macedonia) shall put together a multimedia visual arts exhibition, with themes from the refugee life. This exhibit travels around the cities of post-yugoslav societies and abroad.

Slavapalooza: A Peace of Rock
This project can manifest itself in several ways: it can involve a big name band (like U2) that tours several cities such as Sarajevo, Belgrade and Zagreb. Other bands from Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and so on, perform as opening gigs. Ultimately, it would be another way of sharing and having peaceful cultural relations among the various nations in post-yugoslav societies.

An alternate method of achieving the same end is to have American or European bands banded together with several bands from various parts of post-yugoslav societies. Together, they would tour the post-yugoslav societies on an open summer tour (like Lolapalooza in the United States). Perhaps these bands from post-yugoslav societies could be brought on tours in the U.S. and Western Europe, and bands from regions that were affected by the war in Croatia and Bosnia (bands from Vukovar, Srebrenica and Knin) could perform together on a special "Etnik Klinsing tour."

South Central Kunst Projekt
Once successful, the RACCOON principles of reconciliation will be applied to destabilized and war-ravaged areas outside of the post-yugoslav societies. Artists (photographers, painters, sculptors, video producers, computer animators, etc.) from various "hot spots" (Balkans, Rwanda, Chechenya, South Central LA, etc.) will build a multimedia visual arts exhibition, with themes from the ghetto life, which travels around the world.

Internet Spaces

Cool places (cyber-cafes) in various cities of post-yugoslav societies with cool music and cool atmosphere where violence, nationalism, sexism, racism and other violent ideologies would not be welcome, could enable willing youth to find solace from the hate-talk found elsewhere. All places should be connected by Internet and live-feed cameras (so people could communicate and experience each other.