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The History of ZTN.  Contents

The following articles and files, culled from various web and gopher sites, give a pretty complete history of ZTN. We would appreciate learning about anything that we may have left out. --  Ivo Skoric and Ed Agro.

The Early History  (Article by Eric Bachman, designer of ZTN, to 31 Jan 1996)

The Later History  (Ivo Skoric and Ed Agro, 16 Feb 1996 - 28 Feb 1999)

History of Online Missing-Persons Services, 1995-1999 (Ed Agro)

Other background and source material about ZTN

Zana-PR in Wonderland  (Advertising the ZTN node in Pristina, by Eric Bachman, Nov. 1994)

Note: The following are included for historical interest only; in particular, the ZTN routing is no longer current. We have also omitted pages giving links to groups and sites that were important during the life of ZTN, but which now are either defunct or which have moved over to TCP/IP-compliant servers, and which can easily be reached with the usual search engines, or from the Groups or People pages on this site. We would be glad to include in the following list other material of historical or activist interest with regard to ZTN.

ZaMir Transnational Network routing
ZTN Usage Policy and Netiquette

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