Peacenet Balkans Desk / Desk Mirovne mreze za Balkan
Missing persons resources clearinghouse
Razmjena izvora podataka o nestalim osobama

As of 2 April 2001, this site is closed. The following sources of information remain open as of 22 Jan 2002, and may still be of use to those searching for friends and family lost in the Balkan wars.

New 23.1.02 Contacts at the member groups of the Citizens' Pact for SEE might be able to help.

New 23.1.02 Contacts in the South-Slav and Kosovar emigre communities in New York may be made through RACCOON (Reconciliation & Culture COOperative Network).

A large directory of Bosnia-related email addresses is at

ICRC Family Links. BiH and Kosovo/a databases last updated 27.11.00

Kosova Family Location Center. Albanian site located in the UK, not clear if still active.

People Finder Service. A few Balkans-related entries as recently as '02 to Jan'03.

Sometimes a query to a mailing list is worthwhile. Three that remain active are zamir-chat-list, raccoon-announce, and mostovi-bridges (be prepared to register before posting to these; information is at the web pages).

A search of Yahoo!groups  and Topica will uncover a number of other Balkans-related groups.

Searchers may also avail themselves of online national telephone directories. Links to these change frequently; for the latest links, do a search on, for example "telephone directory Bosnia" at MetaCrawler or another search engine.

For more information, please contact Ed Agro.

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