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Look from Killington to Pico, dropping to Cooper's Cabin

Killington - Pico
Virtual Interconect

Look from Pico to Killington
A place in the woods at Killington called Fred'sAP hikes the old lift-line to the Killington peak
Bunch of snowboard bros taking an attitude adjustment break at the Killington peakPico peak warming hut in early off-season
Bottomless powder at Rime on April 29, Y2KIvo on top of Superstar the same dayClimbing the gondola pole at the top of the Cascade
Predrag chasing Ivo down the Skyeburst at Killington Top of Superstar at 9 AM sharp Indira lands on her heel edge on the top of the table...

An innocent looking drop in spring...At the Killington peak

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