Atif DudakovicBihac was the site of the most coveted Yugoslav Army underground air defense base, which Yugoslav Army mostly destroyed during its retreat in the beginning of the war in Bosnia. Through the war Bihac was a Bosnian-Muslim enclave surrounded by Bosnian Serbs and Croatian Serb held area. Later it was proclaimed a U.N. safe area. That's when the Serbs started shelling it. Bihac enclave is also a site of only Muslim-Muslim conflict: between the 5th Corps of Bosnian Army loyal to the Sarajevo government (their commander, Atif Dudakovic is shown here in the picture with the editor-in-chief of BiH Dani, an independent Bosnian newsmagazine) and troops loyal to Fikret Abdic, a bussinesman from Velika Kladusa. Fikret lost in the end and he is now in exile in Croatia.

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