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RACCOON, Inc. is incorporated as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit non-governmental organization in New York City. RACCOON, Inc. publishes its activity on the Internet through The Balkans Pages (your present location on the Net). RACCOON, Inc. seeks and accepts private and corporate donations. Proceeds of projects, if any, will, after expenses, be re-invested in other RACCOON, Inc. projects or donated to the refugee aid or reconstruction project in post-Yugoslav societies chosen by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors of RACCOON, Inc. will include, but not be limited to, prominent younger artists or organizations of related cultural substance with an emotional connection to the region and people of post-Yugoslav societies. Our staff includes immigrants from all parts of former Yugoslavia - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

Current Projects
• Public Health Outreach– Working with the New York Immigration Coalition and the Family Justice Center in Queens we provide direct assistance to immigrants and refugees seeking health care and insurance. In addition, our staff members conduct informational workshops for recent immigrant groups and participate in other community events.
• CyberYugo – We are developing an online, multi-media dialoging project where people who are emotionally connected to the Western Balkans, regardless of the part of the world in which they currently live, religious practice (Muslims, Orthodox, Catholics), or ethnicity can come together to promote a greater level of trust and understanding between individuals holding opposing views. Cyber Yugo is designed as an online social networking mechanism comprised of a series of ongoing moderated forums/discussions that is centered on one weekly topic and/or question.  Each forum will stay active indefinitely. A supplementary virtual gallery will contain art, music, film, and photograph submissions and relevant news reports to serve as a complement to the ongoing forums. This project is still a work in progress. Please check back for updates!
• Women’s Groups – These monthly gatherings are a place to learn, support, share, and have fun in the great land of womanhood. Come and join us in a variety of topics for exploration, such as art and history of belly dancing; arts in recovery; women and children; women's crafts; women's bodies; women's history and more!  

How We Began 
Since the beginning of the war in Bosnia, a conflict resolution dialogue group has been operating among Bosnian, Serbs, Croats, and other Balkan ethnic groups in the New York City area.
About Our Location (WHERE ARE WE LOCATED?
We have been asked why we would want to headquarter our operations in New York City, when we primarily want to address the problems in the post-Yugoslav societies: wouldn't a European location make more sense?
• New York City is ideal for our purposes because there is less tension here between the peoples of post-Yugoslav societies. Furthermore, we want to leverage the ethnic climate here in New York City, which is more peaceful than in the post-Yugoslav societies, and yet even more diverse.
• Being located in the United States, the nation of immigrants, also carries another connotation for individuals dislocated by "the war at home." Ex-patriots and refugees have a role to play in helping exile communities heal the wounds of war.
• Many peace activists who work in southeastern Europe travel through New York City, either as a transportation stopover point or to conduct their business here. Giving them access to RACCOON could strengthen their efforts, as well as the efforts of our organization.
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