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April 11, 2003:   The day after this week's war

...we should remember that war is a system, not an event, and that challenging a system as immense as the war system involves a protracted struggle that will take decades to win - Ibrahim Ramey

There's lots to say and think about... Nothing succeeds like success, and in the coming months we will have to see what the Bush Administration will choose as its final rationalization for its bombing of houses, cities, anywhere its enemies may perhaps, hopefully, be, regardless of the innocents that die in the process of its arrogation of the power of life and death, delivered by its 20-year olds...

It's good that Saddam's regime is gone from power; the question is, what will take its place? All who resisted the U.S.-U.K. invasion should take comfort in reflecting that, had we not raised our voices so much, there would have been no constraint on America's testing its toys over Baghdad, and the carnage would likely have been greater.

It might help, while regaining energy to struggle for a humane world, to read the Ibrahim Ramey's Fellowship of Reconciliation analysis of recent events, Peace in the Eye of the Storm: Why the Anti-War Movment Did Not Fail

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