Le Monde, Paris
December 19,1997

Wanted by the Tribunal:52 Serbs and 3 Croats

  1. Stipo Alilovic (Croat): Ethnic cleansing in Lasva Valley.
    Address: Unknown
  2. Mirko Babic: Atrocities at Omarska.
  3. Nenad and Predrag Banovic: twin brothers. Atrocities at the camp at Keraterm camp.
    Both are regular customers at the Express (restaurant) and Pacifica discoteque.Travel around Prijedor on a red motorcycle.
    Address: 31 Cirkin Polje,Prijedor

  4. Goran Borovnica: Atrocities at Omarska
  5. Ranko Cesic: Atrocities at the Camp at Luka
    Address :Brcko
  6. Damir Dosen: Atrocities at Karaterm
    Address: Sometimes stays with his parents in Prijedor
  7. Dragan Fustar: Atrocities at Keraterm
    Address:41 Prvomajska, Prijedor
  8. Dragan Gagovic: Ex-police chief. Supervised the creation 'rape camps' at Foca.In the spring of 1997 was an instructor in the police school in the region.
    Owner of a bar

  9. Zdravko Govedarica: Atrocities at Omarska
    Address: Unknown
  10. Gruban (First name unkonown):Atrocities at Omarska
    Address :Unknown
  11. Momcilo Gruban: Atrocities at Omarska
    Address: Prijedor
  12. Nikica Janjic: Atrocities at Omarska and Keraterm.
    His father states that he committed suicide at Banja Luka in 1995.
  13. Janko Janjic: Chief of the paramilitary unit that organised the rape camps in Foca.
    His body is covered with tatoos.The inhabitants of Foca claim that he died of cancer.

  14. Gojko Jankovic: Rape at Foca.
    Owner of a store. Tried to be a candidate in the 1996 elections. The OSCE refused him permission to run.
    Address: Foca

  15. Goran Jelisic: Genocide Commander of the concentration camp at Luka. Supervised the execution of thousands of inmates.
    Address: Bijeljina
  16. Radovan Karadzic: Genocide for the seige of Sarajevo and the massacre at Srebrencia. Ex-President of the Bosnian Serb Republic.
    Until this summer regularly visited his offices in Famos automobile plant in a black limousine with tinted windows. Now works at home.

  17. Dusan Knezevic: Atrocities Omarska and Keraterm.
  18. Dragan Kondic: Atrocities at Keraterm.
    A nightly customer at The Pink bar.

  19. Milojica Kos: Atrocites at Omarska.
    Regular customer at the Europa resturant owned by his brother Zeljko.
    Address :Omarska

  20. Predrag Kostic: Atrocities at Omarska
  21. Radomir Kovac: head of a paramilitary unit. Enslaved and sold women .
  22. Dragan Kulundzija: Atrocities at Keraterm.
    Address Prijedor
  23. Dragoljub Kunarac: Rape, Foca.
  24. Miroslav Kvocka: Atrocities at Omarska
  25. Goran Lajic: Atrocities at Keraterm
    Address: Banja Luka
  26. Zoran Marinic (Croat): Ethnic Cleansing, Lasva Valley
  27. Milan Martic: Giving the order to bombard of Zagreb. Former head of the Serbian Republic of Krajina.
    Lives 100 meters from a UN police station and a NATO office.
    Address: 88 Milosa Oblica,Banja Luka

  28. Zeljko Mejakic: Genocide. Ex- commander of the concentration camp at Omarska
    Address: Omarska
  29. Slobodan Milijkovic: Atrocities at Bosanski Samac.Ex-head of a paramilitary unit.
    Address Kragujevac (Serbia)
  30. Ratko Mladic: Genocide for the seige of Sarajevo and the massacre at Srebrencia. Ex-commander of the Bosnian Serb Army.
    He lives in a chalet and his office in a bunker next to the chalet.In June, he travelled to a palace in Belgrade for the marriage of his son.He continues to travel regularly between Serbia and Bosnia.He has an appartment in Belgrade.He also makes use of temporary residences.
    Principal Address: His ex-headquaters at Han Pijesak

  31. Milan Mrksic: Killings at the hospital of Vukovar. Ex -General of the JNA. Considered to be the indicted war criminal most likely to implicate Slobodan Milosevic
  32. Dragan Nikolic: Genocide ex- commander of the Susica concentration camp
    Address: Vlasenica
  33. Nedeljko Paspalj: Atrocities Omarska.
    Address :Unknown
  34. Milan Pavlic: Atrocities, Omarska.
    Address: Omarska
  35. Milutin Popovic: Atrocites, Omarska
    Address: Unknown
  36. Dragoljub Prcac: Atrocities, Omarska
    Address: Omarska
  37. Drazenko Predojevic: Atrocities at Omarska.
    Address: Prijedor
  38. Miroslav Radic: Killings in a hospital at Vukovar. Ex commander of the JNA.
    Director of an export -import Company
    Address Kragujevac (Serbia)

  39. Mladin Radic: Atrocities, Omarska
    Address: Prijedor
  40. Ivica Rajic (Croat): War Crimes at Stupni Do.
    Often stays at a hotel in Split controlled by the Government of Croatia.

  41. Dragomir Saponja: Atrocities at Omarska and Keraterm
    Address: Omarska
  42. Zeljko Savic: Atrocities, Omarska .
    Address: Unknown
  43. Dusko Sikirica: Genocide, Ex commander of the concentration campa at Keraterm.
    Tried to run in the 1996 election. Not allowed to run by the OSCE.
    Address :Prijedor

  44. Blagoje Simic: Atrocities in Bosanski Samac. Ex-mayor.
    Still has an office at the City Hall.
    Address Bosanski Samac

  45. Milan Simic: Atrociities at Bosanski Samac
    Address:Bosanski Samac
  46. Veselin Sljivancanin: Killings at the hospital at Vukovar. At the time, commander of the JNA, promoted to colonel in 1996.
    Instructor at the Military Academy in Belgrade.

  47. Radovan Stankovic: Rape at Foca.
    Entered a UN police station in 1996 to lodge a complaint against the Bosnian police who tried to stop him at a check point. The UN police "didn't recognize him"

  48. Miroslav Tadic: Atrrocities at Bosanski Samac
    Address:Bosanski Samac
  49. Nedjeljko Timarac: Atrocities at Keraterm
    Address: Prijedor
  50. Stevan Todorovic: Atrocities at Bosanski Samac. Ex chief of police.
    Lives 500 meters from an American base.
    Address: Donja Slatina (village next to Bosanski Samac)

  51. Zoran Vukovic: Rape at Foca
  52. Simo Zaric: Atrocities at Bosanski Samac.
    Owner of a store and a cafe.
    Address: Bosanski Samac

  53. Dragan Zelenovic: Rape at Foca
    Address: Foca
  54. Zoran Zigic: Atrocities at Omarska and Karterm. Accused of executing a number of prisoners.
    He is supposed to be in prison in Banja Luka for murder(s).