The story behind the paintings

This is a letter I received from my friend Tomislav Novakovic, Alejandra's husband. They used to live in and work out of an apartment on Murray Street, close to the WTC buildings, prior to the September 11 tragedy:
I have left New York after a numbing three weeks of continous movement trying to find out when we could return to our residence on Murray Street... and the information is never concrete. Some say weeks others say months and nobody really knows because the nature of the task of removal and building inspection for structural integrity is a long process.
Alejandra and I do not fall under the category of aid because the aid agencies outside of the red cross require proof of employment during the disaster. This leaves us with very little option to dig ourselves out of the administrative guidelines set forth by these agencies.
In an effort to rebuild and also to send my wife to Argentina to be with her son during this time which is totally understandable we are trying to sell her paintings to get on with life... not as we once knew it but to piece together the costs of rebuilding five years of slowly building a life for ourselves in New York and sharing that life with all of you. For those that can help us in our efforts we are totally indebted by your caring and those that send us prayers we recieve them with the power and faith they contain.
As many of you have known I was due to direct a film in Argentina the beginning of 2002 and the production company with whom we were negotiating with has temporarily halted the project for the time being. My classes are impossible at this time and I must rely on help from friends during this time.
Below is a list of the paintings still available at this time by my wife Alejandra Pineiro. They reflect the opposite of the ugliness we have all seen... and reflect the magic of beauty that humanity seeks. This is part of the healing process since Alejandra who spent countless hours by the windows on Murray for the sunlight to create her art and was also the first to alert everyone in the household as she saw the first explosion of the tragedy unfolding and screamed.  This is symbolic for her and us in the sense that we are sending parts of ourselves from the heart of ground zero and trying to free the love that we feel to all of you in all parts of the world who have touched us with your thoughts and prayers.  Once again we send you all of our love and gratitude for your care during this very difficult time.  WE LOVE YOU ALL.