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Hazy Summer

When Will I Ever Learn To Live With God

Little Bird

It's Up To You

Come Aboard

Name, Fame, Glory

Blind Man

Lotus Eyes


I Got To Get Back

Cry Out

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Matchless Gift is a sort of super-group formed in 1993 by some members of Majke, Spoons and Psihomodo Pop. They sound close to Southern rock of early Black Crowes with louder guitars and spiritual (hare-krishna) lyrics. Their second album "Supersoul" adds more ZZ Top r'n'b touch and it's a great beginning for the group of independent rock veterans. If there was God, it would surely be rock'n'roll. On the cover they offer special thanks to Harikesa Swami and Titiksava Karunika. © Croatia Records, 1994

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