First, the assholes:

October 20, 1994


What qualifications do you need to become a "manager", besides, of course, to know how to read and write and turn the computer on? What skills do you need to obtain the responsibilities of for example a building manager, or a health club manager, besides the skill of licking ass to those above you and the skill of being an asshole to those supposedly below you?

Managers, you say: the pay you get is for all the responsibility you have. Responsibility that, supposedly, I do not have. But this is a hoax. It presumes that workers cannot be responsible to do the job they are qualified for, so they need an unqualified jerk overseer who would take the sanctified responsibility of making them do it. I do not need anybody claiming responsibility for me, nor do I desire responsibility for somebody else's job. So, you can stuff your "responsibility" straight up your anus, since I feel perfectly comfortable being responsible for my own job. However, since society at large doesn't feel that way, my responsibility for my job being done by me is delegated to my manager and, also, a portion of my salary is given to him/her accordingly for that additional burden he/she has to carry. Therefore, I do not have to be responsible, and I can be late, I can do whatever I want and, actually, if I am not seen by the manager, I do not have to work at all, since I do not have responsibility.

Let's get it straight, my dear managers: you are too damn well paid for a damn little job you have to do. That makes you nervous. You understand that so many other people would be able to do your job the same if not better. You know that there are so many people out there who prey on your position. You fathom that the only reason you have your job is because the manager that is above you likes you. And, you infer, he or she has his/her job only by the will of manager above him/her. So it is not your abilities that count. You are not brain surgeon, or computer analyst, or rocket scientist, or an artist. It is your servitude that is important if you wish to keep your job. Dwarfing yourself is what pleases your superiors (it pleases them even more if they are 4'10'' midgets), so you do dwarf yourself. Then, certainly, you are full of suppressed anger.

The only way you can unload your accumulated anger is by being an asshole to those who are under you in the food chain. Those, whom, you believe, can't or, at least, must not hurt you, if they wish to live in the real world. But, strange as it is, there are people who are not interested in the real world, and in the "climbing the corporate ladder". There are outsiders. They do not care if you are "above" them. They will hurt you if you try to hurt them, regardless of their position on the corporate food chain, because they don't give a shit for corporate food chain. There are certain small animals at the bottom of the food chain which are not easy to swallow, e.g. the skunk. I always loved skunks. If I go down I'll go down as a skunk. With a lot of stink. I even chose SKUNK as my "handle" for Battlemech and Red Planet games in Virtual Geographic League. I love skunks.

Usually they are not managers. Because managers ALWAYS have somebody below them in the corporate food chain, so they can always pee, shit and jerk-off on the heads of the managers or plain employees below them. Which they do, thus preserving their jobs and keeping things in proper order. Most likely they are plain employees (skunks, notably, fart at the animals above them in the food chain): those who do not have anybody to yell at anymore, those who have to do most of the job, particularly shittiest stuff, those who have to have all sorts of papers and certifications just to get that shittiest jobs and those who after all that take home the least pay. And they on top of that get to eat all the shit managers above them are able to produce in their court battles.

The bottom employees in the U.S. are more and more undocumented aliens with little or no knowledge of English language. So, fortunately they don't understand the stupidity of their managers, they smile, nod their heads, do their job and keep managers happy.

Managers, on the other hand, being so numerous and having so little to do, every day come up with some new exciting conspiracy, trying to make the life of those below them more miserable. They play games. They spend their days making phone calls and exercising their power by telling each other what "should be done", but not actually doing any of that. There is no real difference between the corporate structure of the U.S. and the communist party structure of the former U.S.S.R. - middle managers would easy and, eventually, happily translate to apparatchiks, as apparatchiks over there now easy and happily become middle managers.

Managers sometimes just do not understand that non-managers - proletariat or proles (the more proper - Orwellian - term for those at the bottom of the food chain in corporate nineties) won't eat it all the time. If you look at the statistics - the U.S. newspapers, particularly in last decade, are full of headlines depicting beatings, murders, assaults and other crimes a "disgruntled (former) employee" did to his/hers (former) boss/company. What happened to the Party in the U.S.S.R. is quite obvious example of how badly people may react when they get fed up.

And I am fed up. Because, of course, I have to live through this TWICE. First in Yugoslavia and now here. I feel the forces of darkness stalking the remains of my sanity. It may not take long till it is over.