one dollar

In God we trust. Many of us trust that O.J. killed his wife, too. But we did not act upon that conviction and, as a result of that, he was not convicted. There was not enough evidence to leave no reasonable doubt about the existence of his guilt or, at least, to persuade the jury in it. The existence of God would also do poorly in the cross-examination in any court of law. The evidence is mostly circumstantial. So, we don't act upon our conviction about his existence and we break his laws daily.

monicaThe phrase "God Bless America" is mostly a superstitious spell against the bad luck, so if he indeed exists, let him know that we'd like him to bless us and forgive us our trespassing done on the basis of our historic experience that he, generally, since the biblical times of big flood, didn't do nothing against the trespassers. He behaves with the leaders of this planet like NATO troops in Bosnia behave with war criminals. They might be judged after they die. Regardless of their deeds they do swear daily "In God we trust," hoping that the expression of faith is sufficient for forgiveness.