New Issue The original slander suit was brought for a rather disgusting presidential thought that was mocked by The Feral Tribune: Tudjman for a while thought, that it would be a good idea to bury all victims of WW II together - thus mixing the victims of Nazism with their victimizers (who were later killed by communists with fierce, zealous determination, basically all of them in the rest of the year 1945). They wrote that this might not be that a good idea. More, they made fun of him for it. They made fun of him ever since. And they made more fun of him with every new lawsuit he threw at them. Here in the new issue (that is in November, 1998) his face is "merged" to a shark's body. Just the kind of stuff that Article 71 was meant for, to spare former communists, who run the country, from the less palatable elements of democracy, like, let's say accountability of public officials to the public opinion.

Because, here you have a president of a country that sometimes behaves like he crossed over into this world from Stephen King's Territories, and you can't really wait for a septagenarian, sick of some cancer (albeit a slow acting one) to get a blow-job from a female intern, so, as a writer, you take what you have. Tudjman's Franco-style "father of the nation" dictatorial rule simply isn't in any more. Pinotche got arrested in London. More pointedly, he got arrested while in hospital. Croatian hospitals are so deeply undersuplied that some even lack twine to stich the sutures. Tudjman and the rest of the aging Croatian leadership are regularly threated in foreign hospitals (actually, Croats are generally threated in the U.S., while Serbs are threated in France; Tudjman was threated at Walter Meed Hospital, MD). I guess, they may all start considering other choices: Zurich, maybe.