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Active South-Slavic Missing Persons Databases as of  21 May 1999
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This page  has been designed first of all to help individual searchers.

The Additional information at the end of each table will also be useful to database owners and designers, and to those interested in online missing-persons work in general.

From the above table you can go directly to each database, or you can read the summary information about it collected on this page. If you are new to online people-searching, you will save time and effort if you review the information before going to the individual sites. You can also go to the sites directly from the following tables, or you can come back to the first table once you have decided on how you want to carry out your search.

Additions, updates and changes to this page are much appreciated - Ed Agro

Name Albanian Refugees & Relatives Location Project, U.S.
Purpose Database of Kosovo refugees, 1999
Server address http://WWW.Web-Depot.Com/kosovo  (United States)
Language(s) Pages and records in English, Albanian
Owner Michael Davon
617-491-0066 Fax
617-491-0080 Office
888-WB-DEPOT Office
617-491-0033 Home
Additional info Est. Apr. 99, with an initial  6,000  records.

The database is fully searchable.

On- or off-line groups having data on refugees: Please contact the owner so that your data can be incorporated into this database. We can work with your systems people to facilitate the data transfer.

Service donated to the Albanian community in Eastern Massachusetts by


Name American Red Cross Displaced Persons Linking Center
Purpose For Kosovo refugees
Site address Site closed. The following links are inoperative as of 5 Sep 99 -

Site info:
To enter data:

Language(s) English
Additional info Enter data only; ARC makes further contact


Name Association for Democratic Initiatives, FYR of Macedonia
Purpose Database of Kosovo refugees, 1999
Server address
Special instructions Searching: If you find a name, seek further contact by sending email to ADI at, or use the postal address and phone number below.

Entering Information: Information cannot be entered from the web.

Language(s) Page in Albanian, English; records in Albanian
Owner Association for Democratic Intiatives, Gostivar, Macedonia
Phone: +389 42 22 22 00
B.Jovanoski 61, 91230 Gostivar, Macedonia
Additional info last updated 29/4/99, 68,118 records.

The site is searchable only, with further contact to found persons by email, phone, or postal mail to ADI as described above.

Produced for ADI  by John West, hosted by OneWorld Online


Name ICRC Missing Persons - Bosnia & Herzegovina
Purpose Set up 1995-96, for refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Server address Site closed. The following links are inoperative as of 5 Sep 99 -

Special instructions Searching: If you find a name, seek further contact at one of the Red Cross or Red Crescent tracing offices or ICRC delegation listed on the site.
Language(s) Site in English; records in English, Serbocroatian
Additional info It is not clear how ICRC makes use of this site. Web page last updated Jun 96. ICRC discourages email requests; see site for office addresses. Top ICRC page:


Name Kosovo Family Location Center (U.K.)
Purpose For Kosovo refugees
Site address
Language(s) English, Albanian
Additional info Enter request for info, get rep. via email.

For more information about the site, try contacting

Sponsored by


Name Kosovo - Keep in Touch (U.K.)
Purpose Database and web forum for Kosovo, 1999
Site address
Language(s) Albanian, Dutch, English, French, Spanish
Owner Jamme Thibault
Additional info The site also hosts a multilingual web-based forum


Name Kosovo - Suchanzeigen - Datenbank (Germany)
Kosovo - Search Engine & Database
Purpose For Kosovo refugees
Site address (top page) (database page)
Further contact with found persons via email to  or
Language(s) Site: German, English, Italian;
database entries, all plus Albanian
Owners Bärbel Geiger & Christian Dietrich
Additional info Site contains link to ADI db

A service of Top3D - WWW Design & Beratung


Name PFS (People Finder Service), U.S.
Purpose Originally for refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Server address
Entering new infomation: Be sure to write down and save  a password and record number if you intend to update later
Language(s) Site in English; records in English, Serbocroatian
Owner Dubravko Kakarigi
Additional info Est. Jan. 96. This was the first web-based missing-persons database. Designed primarily for refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovia, it soon became used by other searchers, and currently about 10%-20% of the records are of people missing in the war in Bosnia. The input is unrestricted, and the database has been misused by some as a casual meeting place, sort of like a chat list. Nonetheless, PFS includes a good database-searching mechanism, and it is still worth searching through, particularly for people from Bosnia

PFS has been made possible by by Applied Computing Solutions Inc.


Name Refugee Help Net, The Netherlands
Purpose Database of Kosovo refugees, 1999
Server address
Searching: Must search for a person's name and town, to take advantage of the automatic update feature (see below).
Language(s) Site in English; records in Albanian, English
Owner Willem de Zeeuw
Additional info Automatic update: By selecting  this feature when entering his/her name and former residence, one is notified by email every time someone else with the same name and village is registered. All the people (who similarly select the option) with the same name and village will be notified by email whenever the same name/village is entered.

Provision to share information with other people-finders.


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