In Yugoslavia they'd put an innocent person in prison just for political reasons. In the U.S. they'd let an obvious murderer walk for the same - political reasons. That makes the U.S. a better place to live for those with entrepreneurial spirit.

I couldn't stand not to give my comment on the free-market styled monster process that this country has been obsessed with for the past fifteen months. Stalin tried to make his monster processes short and inexpensive and they all ended with the inevitable victory of the people." The capitalist version of the monster process is lengthy, hugely expensive soap opera where the villain becomes the hero and than walks away putting his fans in trance, so they go to bookstores and buy (consume) all books written about the case in past 15 months. Total? $35 million. Plus $ 10 millions that "the people" spent to prosecute Simpson, plus money they spent to keep him in prison and to keep jurors sequestered. Lawyers, writers, publishers, journalists, various specialists, professionals, limo-drivers and houseguests made profit. Tons of people made money on $50+ million O.J. Industries, Inc. People lost.

Sheepish fans were standing outside of the courtroom preparing to launch the riot while LAPD was taping them row by row. Somehow they were lead to believe that their whole race would be better off if their idol was acquitted. How much did they loose? First - anyone of them who bought any item connected with this circus lost the money he or she spent on buying that item. Second, since they will never be able to spend $ 20,000 a day to hire Johnny Cochran and to orchestrate the intercontinental attention, they are not going to become more racially equal after this happened. On the contrary, LAPD will revenge on ghetto-blacks for this defeat it survived in the courtroom, probably stating ironically to the next Rodney King: "well, what do you complain about; we let o.j. walk."

This country has 70% of all of the world's lawyers. It became gridlocked in unending litigation process between them, costing ordinary people billions of dollars every year and increasing nations deficit (thus costing future generations even more). The lawyers have the grip on power (almost entire Clinton's cabinet consists of lawyers and both he and his wife are lawyers) here now as the Party had it in the communist block, or like the Catholic church had it in 13th century Europe. Almost nothing can be done any more without a lawyer. They create jobs for themselves and squeeze huge percentages out of any deal. Should that not change SOON, this country will have the fate of the communist block, too.

It would be so much easier if he was convicted: a classic crime of passion - jealous husband killed his wife and her lover. That happens every day, that happened millions of times in history - among all nations, races and colors. In 19th century France, or even today in some Latin American countries Simpson would be tried leniently, because his lost honor would be given serious consideration. In ancient Rome there would be no trial: a husband, pater familias, had a legal right to take his wife's life if he found her having sex with other guy. And Simpson is a passionate, jealous, choleric, high-on-hormones man - after all he was a football star. He beat his women. There was also overwhelming evidence presented to support that he actually did it: blood all over right places. But the evidence was mostly presented by a bad guy, a racist cop, and jury decided "not guilty" (as if we don't know that LAPD is a bunch of racist, but they had a riot about that already, didn't they? - and did anything change?).

The "not guilty" verdict in the O.J. case however is very difficult to stomach because of its posterior implications:

  1. if he is actually guilty, but was declared not guilty by the jury simply because he was accused by a racist cop, then jury made its decision out of political opinion, not out of legal arguments - which jeopardizes the entire American judicial system which places "trial by jury" as its cornerstone: the signal is JURIES ARE NOT TO BE BELIEVED. They are prejudiced as the rest of the society. Or to put it in other words: ordinary citizens are not fit to judge their peers. Maybe that would lead to "professional jurors" in the future (some of the country's vast army of lawyers who would have problems finding jobs in shrinking economy).
  2. if he really is not guilty, then somebody else has to be guilty. But LAPD already refused to continue investigating implying that they still think that OJ is guilty). So, is that murder going to become another of "unsolved mysteries" or some future "x-files"? If he is not guilty, then obviously detective Fuhrman did plant the glove, and then obviously there was a wide conspiracy behind, which sounds to me almost like Muslims bombing themselves in Sarajevo. And indeed the same "everybody is against us" perception of life that may be found in many Serbs, may be found in many American blacks, too. Serbs, after all, say they are killing Muslims today to avenge themselves for five centuries of slavery under Muslim Ottoman Turks. Such a wide conspiracy would signal that we already live in a worst type of corrupt police state imaginable. It implicates police as a possible murder accomplice. Also, such a scenario would include collecting of types of blood, tainting different objects with blood and planting those objects in different places. Anybody who would plan such a thing would never use Fuhrman as executor because of his obvious previous racist convictions. Yet, corrupt police states are invariably unintelligent.
  3. Unfortunately, there is no third option.

Those options carved deep in our collective subconscious. This trial will leave a long scar on American society. Most of blacks really believe he is innocent, and everything is done by a racist cop. Most of whites think that's bullshit. Which means majority of population is upset. And the division is clearly racial. This won't help racial peace and equality in the U.S.

Darden's & Shapiro's behavior seems to be little above the other lawyers. Anyway, I believe that trials should involve only two counsels (one prosecutor and one defense) and that same caps should be put on spending on both prosecution and defense similar to caps in political campaigning. Ten million dollars case is injustice itself: it is unjust to all those poor people who do not get the limelight and who go to serve long prison sentences for minor crimes in California, the land of prisons, home of injustice.

Limitation on number of counsels and caps on their possible income will probably curb their numbers, and kids would think twice before going to law schools.

Since CNN dedicated itself to be the Simpson Case Headline News, I had to learn about attempted assassination of Macedonian president Kiro Gligorov from ITN. Terrorists in Balkans proved again their proficiency of American culture, society and media. They knew that on the day of Simpson's verdict, they may count on American media almost absolute black-out of other world events. And they planted a 40 lbs car-bomb into Gligorov's car. Bomb killed the chauffeur, and seriously wounded Gligorov fracturing his skull. Gligorov is older than Bob Dole (78) and his survival chances are slight. Gligorov faced raising opposition of the nationalist element in his country, because of the recent compromises he made to meet Greek demands in order to stop the boycott that Greece and Serbia imposed on Macedonia. He was hated by Macedonian nationalists and Albanian minority (who probably believed that he is a nationalist), and also by Serb and Greek minority. Yet, most of the citizens of Skopje realize that his smarts saved Macedonia from becoming another Bosnia so far. Gligorov just recently reached an agreement with Greece to change the flag, and then before the attack, he was with Serbia's president Milosevic putting together a trade agreement. With Gligorov gone, the situation in Macedonia might be rather rowdy.