What did we learn from the recent peace accord in Geneva and the events that had immediately preceded?

  1. Laser guided bombs may be efficiently deterred by dense layers of leafy tree branches, that Serbs used to protect their last two bridges over river Drina (which are crucial so that Bosnian Serbs may use supplies from Serbia proper).
  2. Serb civilians look the same like Bosnian and Croatian civilians, and say same things to the camera after their homes are shelled or bombed. As the civilians of Coventry and Dresden looked the same fiftysomething years ago.
  3. After seven days of bombing and more than 2100 sorties, even Serbs are ready to sign everything they are asked to sign. Particularly if it doesn't harm them much.
  4. Under disguise of military victory, the West decided to swallow its diplomatic defeat by letting Serbs have their 49%. Bosnian government and the world media were given a lot of close-ups taken by bomb guidance cameras, so they can appease their people and the public. Boring Christopher's face announcing the settlement was almost lost amongst the graphics.
  5. The peace is still very, very far, since the peace accord does not specify who gets what. And that was precisely what this war was all about, wasn't it?
  6. Serbs still did not move their heavy artillery (or the NATO lies).
  7. Both dollar and dow-Jones index are raising continuously throughout the bombing spree. Little war does so much good for business.